[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #32 - August 2006 [spoilers]

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 2 14:58:27 PDT 2006

> Adventures Beyond Comprehension #5
> 'Control'
> A Legion of Net.Heroes [LNH] series
> by Jesse Willey
>      This story ties-in with (and in fact has it's
> non-flashback events
> running concurrently with) the start of the sixth
> and final part of the
> _Killfile Wars_ miniseries.  Electra reminisces in
> the lead up to the
> climactic fight with Dr Killfile.

  This issue was originally much much longer.  Some
cuts I made in order to appease Tom-- who I think
wanted to remove my lungs and replace them Rayovac
dust busters. He wasn't to thrilled with some of the
things I wanted to do.  So I changed or cut them. 
Though I didn't get rid of that one line he didn't
like.  He knows the one.

  Other parts he was exactly right about.  I went back
and looked at old Teenfactor issues and I saw that in
order to do what I wanted to do I had to think of
another way to do it.  Which I did.  Tom was still
annoyed but let me do it anyway.   

> Killfile Wars #6
> 'For Evil To Triumph'
> A Legion of Net.Heroes [LNH] miniseries
> by Jesse Willey

> Fortunately Dalton intercedes to block Dr Killfile's
> control of
> Electra, and rather than face an ignominious defeat
> Dr Killfile flees
> into hyperspace.

  And winds up at post-Apocalyptic Epcot.  

>      This creates an interesting structural
> dichotomy.  On the one
> hand it makes a lot of what has preceded it - with
> the Killfile Family
> rampaging around and causing mayhem and destruction,
> and in the end
> being justifiably terrified of the return of Dr
> Killfile himself -
> basically being a build up to justify and illustrate
> the fearsome
> reputation of Dr Killfile as a truly major villain.

   Okay... to me Doctor Killfile has REALLY gotten the
short end of the stick.  He kicked everyone's butt for
most of Cosmic Plot Caper-- and then in every
subsequent appearance he just got easier and easier to
beat.  It was getting to be kind of embarassing.  It
was sad when Marvel did it to Galactus.  (Barbie vs.
Galactus anyone) It was worse thing happened to
Darkseid after Oberon had tea with him.   
   I wanted to return to Killfile to a state where you
could contain him.  You couldn't really stop him or
kill him.  
>      On the other, the RTKW and KW miniseries have
> been structured
> more like an ongoing comic series rather than
> miniseries.  That is,
> not everything presented in those two miniseries has
> related directly
> to the aforementioned buildup or culminates in a
> neatly tied up package
> of plot resolution and thematic relevance.  There's
> been a lot of stuff
> that has been about other characters getting on with
> their lives, only
> indirectly affected by these goings on: Vel's
> departure to get medical
> aid for his son, or the resolutions of the Ultimate
> Ninja triplets
> situation for example.

  Yes, in a lot of those cases it was I knew I had to
wrap those ideas up.  Vel for personal reasons.  I
couldn't stand the character anymore.  The more he
lost his struggle between being human and being dorf
the less I wanted to write him.  But sometimes
characters don't behave the way I tell them to. I have
the same problem with Dalton.  
  Other loose plots were tied up well, because it was
time to tie them up.  There are other stories I want
to tell.  Will the characters I used here show up
again?  Yep... Deliah/Delilah shows up in ABC#6, Rick
Henkerton #7, Dalton in #8, a whole bunch in #10 and
  The Master Blaster story just came about as a
massive joke.  Some which caused Tom to write an FAQ. 

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