Meta: Tuckerizations and Character Names

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Mon Oct 30 20:46:25 PST 2006

Jesse Willey wrote:

>   It isn't like you didn't have fair warning.  I have
> had a clear and well known stance on the issue that
> has not changed.   Any one with a lick of common sense

A clear and well-known stance that hasn't come up in five years,
either.  People forget.  Hell, I forgot.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have
done the Jessica Willey thing.  Speaking of which:

> who knew that wouldn't have said: 'I could-- but I'd
> better not'.  It isn't just WHAT you did with the
> Willey charcter it is that it exists at all.  I'm the
> process of writing/plotting an LNH-Y story that
> handles that counterparts mess.  Your harm, your foul.

Actually, that would be my harm, my foul, and if you like, I'll retcon
it.  There's no need to write the only story you'll ever write for a
universe to handle a continuity issue-- it's a little petty.  I made a
mistake, and I apologized.  I'll remedy it in due time.


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