Meta: Tuckerizations and Character Names

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Mon Oct 30 07:49:48 PST 2006

Jesse Willey wrote:
> > And you don't care that I am well and truly PISSED
> > OFF with you right
> > now?  If we were to meet face to face right now I
> > swear I would beat
> > the s**t out of you.  I wouldn't hesitate for a
> > second.
>   Violence is the last resort of the desperate man.
> Threats of violence are the last resort of the
> desperate man on the internet.   Take that to mean
> what you will.

Snarkiness and petulance are the last resorts of... oh, never mind.
This is getting out of hand, and I think it's time we called a

Obviously, this isn't going to get resolved, and as far as potential
flame wars go, this isn't entertaining, enlightening, or reasonable--
the three main rationales, I think, to have at it in a public community
that is built on notions of courtesy and respect.

I think both of you should stop responding to this thread, and to each
other in private email.  If you can't have a reasoned discussion and
concede _something_ to the other person, than there's no point in even
having the conversation.

I think a discussion about parodies & character names could be a very
interesting and informative one to have.  But, you know what?  This
isn't that conversation, no matter how many times I try to steer it
that way.

If we can't talk about the issues-- if all we can do is sling venom and
injective at each other, then it's time to stop.

Martin, you're in the right.  Let it go.

Jesse, you're in the right.  Let it go.


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