Meta: Tuckerizations and Character Names

cabbagewielder at cabbagewielder at
Sun Oct 29 19:36:08 PST 2006

    I recently went on semi-inactive status from RACC to deal with
several personal issues.   It was only after the email box was filled
past 15-20 posts in the series I was interested in reading that I
finally took a whack at the big pile.

    I know most of you have at some point or another named characters
after people on the newsgroup or people you know and what.  Some of you
find it cute and funny.  I don't.  It is the second time a variation of
my first initial and last name has been used in a RACC story
intentionally without my permission.  The Cabbagewielder character I
was okay with.  Tom asked me if he could-- and I said yes.   Aside from
the killing people, he's a lot like I was at 17.  The LNH-Y story I
will deal with in my own way soon.    However in reading Superfreaks
#5, I found a character loosely named after me that I found to be
patently offensive and even libelious. A situation that is virtually
identical to the Tony Twist-Todd McFarlane case.

    In Martin's defense-- he sites my use of Psykeye.  I showed Martin
the proper respect and sent that to him BEFORE I posted it.  If he had
he asked me to change it-- I would have. I told him as much.   The same
can be said of my use of Captain Pathetic and I sent it to Tom as well.
 He just either never read/got the email.  I misread his no response
after two months as an a-okay.  My mistake which, while it took time, I
eventually squared with him.   Martin's second argument is that in
order to get a variety of last names he used RACCers last names because
it is 'easier than looking in the phone book'.  Living in the
Phillipines might give you carte blanche to do a lot things but I don't
thik this is one of those cases.

     My point is Martin named a character (loosely) after me and didn't
ask.  Why?  He knows damn well that I would have said no way.  Even if
the portrayal had been a good one, I would have nixed it.  Think back
to the now somewhat imfamous Willey/Willy mistake of a few years ago.
I think I made my stance on tuckerized characters (without permission)
quite clear: DON'T.

    This incident has made me uncomfortable on a newsgroup that has
been a warm friendly place for me for a number of years.   I have a few
more stories to post-- and I will try to find a proxy person to post
them for me.   I may lurk via google and check for comments on my posts
but do not think I shall be a really active part of this community for
the forseeable future.

    Saxon-- keep on reviewin.   Don't worry, you'll catch up to the
rest of us in continuity eventually.   Jamas, you might screw up my
characters continuity from time to time but I really dig those
Alt.Riders.   Arthur-- we never talked much.  I always thought you were
just a tad crazy.  I'm sorry I probably won't be doing that Peelix
Christmas special-- cause you were one of the people I was gonna try to
interview.   It would have been funny as hell.  Parker-- ya' better
have those photos on my desk by Tuesday.   I got find proof that
Spider-Man is working with those half-wits Stiltman and Doc Ock.

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