REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #33 - S...2006 [spoilers]

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Tue Oct 17 13:44:35 PDT 2006

Martin Phipps wrote:

> a hard time getting by.  It stretches the plausibility of the series
> IMO to think that he went ten years on the street in a country with a
> high cost of living and not only didn't starve to death but came out of
> it much healthier than the average human being.  For good health you
> need a good bed, some clean clothes and three square meals a day in my
> opinion.

A good point, and I think that's why the FBI agent was still

Then again, all Martin really had to pay for was food-- he used several
different villain hideouts in lieau of a residence.  These were often
hidden in legitimate buildings, which unknowingly foot the bill for the
electricity, water, et cetera.

> If I were an FBI agent I'd be inclined to think he'd probably been out
> of the country for ten years, probably doing mercenary work given that
> he was ex-military and I'd be very suspicious about what he was doing
> now.  But then I ten to think from the cops' point of view. :)

Which is actually what the Fed is going to say in our very next issue.


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