LNH: Alt.stralian Yarns #1: On the Matter of Locks

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Mon Oct 16 20:49:54 PDT 2006

On Monday 16 October 2006 Tom Russell replied to the story by Mitchell 

A frabjous day!  Look!  A second person who's eligible for the Newbie
Award at the next RACCies.  It's going to be a contest rather than a
door prize after all!  <happy dance>

>>                           and, suddenly and without warning, shot a
>>pair of gosh darn lasers from its eyes, blowing the cow pie out of the
>>witless bird.
>>"Great Scott!" exclaimed City Slicker Gent, jumping back. "What in the
>>- ?! How did it - ?!"
>>"Yep." Been-Out-Bush-For-Way-Too-Long Man nodded approvingly.
>>"Supersteer. Got superbeef in 'em. Export it all to them Legion of
>>Net.whatsies, o'er in the States. Says it's good for them powers, they 
>I just got the image of a sub-basement full of freshly butchered

Quite possibly.  It is clearly something that Steak-And-Potatoes Man
must have discovered and decided to import for the lunch menu.

>>  Meanwhile, the missus was chuckin' a ninny.
>I... I have no idea what that means. :-)

Usually it means acting like an idiot.  In this case the context suggests
having a hysterical fit, which is not a usage that I'm familar with - but
then my grasp of Australian slang is not what it should be.

And a redback on the toilet seat!  I instinctively though 'redback
on the toilet seat' as soon as I saw the word 'dunny', even if I
didn't really expect one to actually be there.  The only thing that
could have made it more perfect would have been if the poultry
were super poultry just like the super steers, and with the ability
to Hulk Out: then the chooks could have turned into emus and
kicked the dunny down!

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