REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #33 - S...2006 [spoilers]

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Sat Oct 14 06:38:26 PDT 2006

Martin Phipps wrote:

>   I
> realize of course that readers also have to read faster but, come on,
> is eight issues a month really so much?

Unless it's three lines long?  Yes, I think it is, and my seven-to-ten
a month pace on Teenfactor & Net.heroes on Parade is something that I
regret.  It turns a lot of readers off, and after awhile, one gets so
far behind that they give up.

I only got into the third week of the Daily Bush43 series; after a
certain point, it got too daunting.  I'm sure I'll come back to it
again, just as I'll get to Superfreaks # 10-33 by the end of the month.

I really wish you would slow down a bit; the sheer number of isues
(more so than lines of text) makes it seem, from a psychological point
of view, like there's much more to read than there is.

But there's no law that says we have to read/review the series in the
same month it came out; perhaps I'll spend my New Year's Eve reading
the hundred or so issues of Superfreaks you write in the interim. :-)

> Martin


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