[WWW] Enter the Infinatum: Kin

Sarcasticus Rex the_infinatum at yahoo.ca
Tue Oct 3 18:27:07 PDT 2006

Hi Folks,

This month's addition to my website is KIn. Here's a teaser...

Tyler Wilde had no purpose in his life. The Black Wave Event changed
him, gave him a purpose.

He discovered that he could transform into a large, shaggy irregular
panther when the sun set. When the sun rose, he returned to normal. As
this being, he protected the building, the area and the people, like a
superhero. He considered it a gift.

Or was it a curse?

Tyler will soon discover there are still many mysteries that he has
ignored, and that they will be ignored no longer.

Drop by my website to read more about Kin, as well as my other


Stay Tuned!

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