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Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 2 18:10:51 PDT 2006

Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> Martin Phipps wrote:
> > Tom Russell wrote:
> >
> >>Martin Phipps wrote:
> >>
> >>>Tom Russell wrote:
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>>Please take a moment to look it over and suggest changes.
> >>>
> >>>It's okay, but what LNH story says that the LNH started in April, 1992?
> >>> You mean the original Cosmic Plot Device Caper?  But Marvel Zombie Boy
> >>>called on all net.heroes to answer the call and BOOM twenty eight or so
> >>>showed up.  And the LNH HQ was already there waiting for them.  And Kid
> >>>Yesterdaze talked about previous battles with Dr. Killfile etc etc etc.
> >>> So the LNH had apparently already been around for years at that point.
> >>> Lurk of faith actually implied that it had been around even longer.
> >>>What story said otherwise?
> >>
> >>That's actually a paraphrase of some of the text in the original:
> >>
> >>"As to when the current incarnation of the LNH got its start is a
> >>subject of some debate. It could have begun a few days or a few years
> >>before the Cosmic Plot Device Caper depending on which stories one
> >>reads."
> >
> >
> > Ah, yes, that's what Arthur wrote.  I assumed that by having Irony Man
> > et al meet in 1985 that I might have invalidated some story that he
> > wrote so I didn't ask any questions.  I assumed, at the very least,
> > that he had a story in mind when he wrote that there were "stories"
> > which established the LNH starting in 1992.  But certainly the original
> > Cosmic Plot Device Caper and (worse) Lurk of Faith (because you do NOT
> > want to mess with Scavenger) established that the LNH had already been
> > around for years.  So, no, I didn't know what he was talking about but
> > I didn't call him up on it either.  Sorry.
> >
> > Martin
> I was just pointing out that like the location of the LNHQ and
> Net.ropolis the date when the current LNH formed is a fluid thing.
> There is no right answer.  To have a right answer about when the LNH
> formed would be very unLNH like.

This is very, very true.  Thanks for reminding me. :-)

> As for stories about the LNH forming in 1992... I guess I was thinking
> of the one Tom Russell wrote... LNH #12... the 14th anniversary one
> which I believe had the Ultimate Ninja saying that the LNH was 14 years old.

Technically, he just said fourteen more years-- and since _he's_ been
with the Legion for nearly that long (even if the anniversary the story
celebrates is several months _before_ the Ninja)-- maybe he's just
saying it's been fourteen years since _his_ Legion began.

> Myself personally, I think of the LNH as a 90's concept... so I'd say it
> should start sometime in the 90s.  Having it start in the 80's
> incredibly dates it.  Is there really any need for an LNH meets Mr. T
> story?  What with stuff like Retcon Hour and Mutton Mania I'm not sure
> why both answers can't be right.

They can, as certainly as people who age in real time-- like the
majority of my characters, or Saxon's-- can coexist with people who
don't in the same time.  The nature of the Looniverse is extremely
fluid, as Arthur points out.

>And if Scavenger wants to get mad at this... he can...
> It's not like he posts here anyways....

This might sound extremely naive, but-- does Scavenger get mad?  I hear
there are lots of things he'll get mad about, but I've never seen him
get mad.

> Arthur "Poking Scavenger with a stick"  Spitzer

Well, that might do it. :-)

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