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Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 2 17:49:36 PDT 2006

Martin Phipps wrote:
> Tom Russell wrote:
>>Martin Phipps wrote:
>>>Tom Russell wrote:
>>>>Please take a moment to look it over and suggest changes.
>>>It's okay, but what LNH story says that the LNH started in April, 1992?
>>> You mean the original Cosmic Plot Device Caper?  But Marvel Zombie Boy
>>>called on all net.heroes to answer the call and BOOM twenty eight or so
>>>showed up.  And the LNH HQ was already there waiting for them.  And Kid
>>>Yesterdaze talked about previous battles with Dr. Killfile etc etc etc.
>>> So the LNH had apparently already been around for years at that point.
>>> Lurk of faith actually implied that it had been around even longer.
>>>What story said otherwise?
>>That's actually a paraphrase of some of the text in the original:
>>"As to when the current incarnation of the LNH got its start is a
>>subject of some debate. It could have begun a few days or a few years
>>before the Cosmic Plot Device Caper depending on which stories one
> Ah, yes, that's what Arthur wrote.  I assumed that by having Irony Man
> et al meet in 1985 that I might have invalidated some story that he
> wrote so I didn't ask any questions.  I assumed, at the very least,
> that he had a story in mind when he wrote that there were "stories"
> which established the LNH starting in 1992.  But certainly the original
> Cosmic Plot Device Caper and (worse) Lurk of Faith (because you do NOT
> want to mess with Scavenger) established that the LNH had already been
> around for years.  So, no, I didn't know what he was talking about but
> I didn't call him up on it either.  Sorry.
> Martin

I was just pointing out that like the location of the LNHQ and 
Net.ropolis the date when the current LNH formed is a fluid thing. 
There is no right answer.  To have a right answer about when the LNH 
formed would be very unLNH like.

As for stories about the LNH forming in 1992... I guess I was thinking 
of the one Tom Russell wrote... LNH #12... the 14th anniversary one 
which I believe had the Ultimate Ninja saying that the LNH was 14 years old.

While I like 'Lurk of Faith' it's not like some stuff that Scav wrote 
hasn't been retconned away.  When was the last time you saw any mention 
of L.E.G.I.O.N in an LNH story?

Myself personally, I think of the LNH as a 90's concept... so I'd say it 
should start sometime in the 90s.  Having it start in the 80's 
incredibly dates it.  Is there really any need for an LNH meets Mr. T 
story?  What with stuff like Retcon Hour and Mutton Mania I'm not sure 
why both answers can't be right.  The LNH started in the 80's and the 
90s and maybe the 00's.

And if Scavenger wants to get mad at this... he can...
It's not like he posts here anyways....

Arthur "Poking Scavenger with a stick"  Spitzer

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