[RACCies] Nomination ballot for stories of 2006

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 29 18:48:56 PST 2006

Saxon Brenton wrote:

> On Weds 29 Nov 2006 Arthur Spitzer <arspitzer at earthlink.net> mused out 
> loud:
>> Saxon Brenton wrote:
>>> [RACCies] Nomination ballot for stories of 2006
>> I'm curious, Saxon, about whether you would want to do a ballot for a 
>> possible RACC Hall of fame.  Of course I understand that would be a 
>> whole lot of extra work for you and why you probably wouldn't want to 
>> do it.  But since you're the Raccie administrator I figure you should 
>> have first dibs on such a project.
> [...]
>> I guess everything that's been posted to alt.comics.lnh and 
>> rec.arts.comics.creative and inside the RACC archive would be eligible 
>> to be nominated.  The cut off date should be probably Dec. 31, 2005 
>> with everything before or on that date eligible.
> While I find the notion laudible in the abstract, I'm pretty sure this was
> tried once before.  I'd need to check the goole archives, but I think it
> was in 1999 for the 2000 RACCies.

Couldn't find that.

>Nothing came of it.  I strongly
> suspect because it would involve people actually checking back through
> the quite ginormous amount of stuff that's been written, simply to
> remind themselves of what was there let alone make the decison of
> 'do I like this better than that'.  From what I recall this issue is the
> main reason that Anal-Renetive Archive Kid does his annual summary
> of the Looniverse eligibles.

Usually these things only happen if people do them.

I don't think there was much enthusiasm for an award thing when it was 
first suggested, but Drizzt posted a ballot for the Ackies... and people 
  voted and stuff... and it became an annual tradition...

I'm sure if this had been done in 2000 there would have been a lot more 
people voting for stuff....

> I think this could be done with not too much extra effort.  I mean,
> let's face it, in recent years the RACCies/ACCies have only ever gotten
> between 5 and 10 voters, and now that we ditched the ACCies last
> year it's not as though I'd be swamped with number-crunching.

So no big deal. :)

Do it and see if people vote.  :)

> But if we did go ahead with this, I'd suggest that people go and write
> the equivalent of Self-Promotional Binges for their favourite stories
> (their own or other peoples) to remind everyone of the sort of things
> are available for consideration.

I think that's a good suggestion...

> We've done this sort of thing in the
> past with the variopus 'what's your fave story' threads, and the
> Promotionals wouldn't have to be as long and detailed as some of
> the retrospectives that Tom's been doing over the last few years.
> But my gut feeling is they they'd be vital in not just digging up
> some of the semi-forgotten 'classics' but also making sure there's
> enthusiasm enough for the project to work AT ALL.

I believe strongly that there is a silent majority that loves this idea.  :)

>> I figure a person should be limited to five nominations for each 
>> category to keep the ballot from getting insanely large.
> Okay.
>> I think the categories should probably be:
>> Favorite Issue
>> Favorite Miniseries
>> Favorite Series
>> Favorite Crossover
>> Favorite Arc
>> Favorite Writer
>> Favorite Contributor which would be for a person who has contributed a 
>> lot to RACC or alt.comics.lnh.  Creating imprints, characters, 
>> feedback, writing reviews, essays, managing the archives, websites, 
>> starting flame wars and so on....
> Okay.

Maybe a Favorite Character one too...

Arthur "Come on silent majority..." Spitzer

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