[RACCies] Nomination ballot for stories of 2006

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 28 19:06:04 PST 2006

On Weds 29 Nov 2006 Tom Russell <milos_parker at yahoo.com> was heard
to loudly complain:

>>  THE RABBIT-BREEDERS CUP -- Awarded to the most prolific writer in this
>>             or _any_ fanfic forum.  We're measuring volume, folks.
>Has anyone outside of RACC _ever_ won the Rabbit-Breeder's Cup?  Has
>anyone outside of RACC ever been _nominated_ for the Rabbit-Breeder's

To the best of my knowledge: 'no' and 'no'.

>What's the point, then, of having it open to "any fanfic forum"?

Probably an attempt at polite universal applicability, I imagine.  You're
right though, it doesn't seem to have made much difference.

>And, quite frankly, I'm not too thrilled about RACC being lumped in
>with fanfiction.
>I think it's time that we change it to "any amateur fiction forum"--
>amateur doesn't quite have the same sting as "fanfic"-- or that we
>narrow its focus to just RACC anyway.
>Otherwise, I'm going to nominate my friend, fanfiction author Alan
>Kistler, as a sort of protest-vote. :-)
>I dunno-- what does everybody else think?

I'm happy enough to change the phrasing to 'amateur fiction'.
In all fairness most people wouldn't know the difference, but
then as time has shown we're pretty insulated here so I guess
it doesn't matter whether the world at large knows the
difference or not, so we can indulge in a desire for precsion
of terminology.

I doubt if there's much point one way or another for restricting
the eligibility to RACC, however.

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