LNH: Drabble Girl: Drabble #10

Jamas Enright thad at eyrie.org
Sun Nov 19 21:18:15 PST 2006

Drabble Girl in 52 Drabbles!
Drabble #10: The Wordinator Attacks!

Pickle bush DAMN comma THAT IS ANNOYING exaggerated sigh simple sample

Drabble Girl grinned to herself. Doctor Stomper was right. Her 100 word
limit was working in her favour. "We do not wish harm to you, but nor do
we want you to attack our dimension. We will fight you if you try."

Pretty helping YOU CAN DO NOTHING TO ME exclamation mark iron trinket

With that, a DONGLE crashed into her, sending her flying into a PACKET
and a PRAWN. Drabble Girl barely had time to draw her breath...

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