REVIEW/ACRA: Superfreaks # 9-13

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at
Sun Nov 12 01:22:13 PST 2006

Tom Russell wrote:

> Not to interrupt the sweet/sexyness here, Martin, but I find it odd
> that she has two bras on. :-)

She removed her bra one cup at a time. :)

> The hypothetical question Martin poses-- do clones have the same rights
> as human beings?-- is at once a highly moral one and a facile one,
> because it's one that probably will never come up.  (Kinda like time
> travel ethics, which has no bearing on the real world.)

One of the odd things about CSI is that it sometimes borders on SF.
The victims and the accused often have genetic disorders that make it
easier to identify them.  I guarantee that if CSI runs as long as Law
and Order then we will eventually have an episode in which the either
the accused or the victim is a clone.  Obviously the character would
have to be teenaged because cloning technology is new.  For now, the
accelerated aging part is required for most SF stories about cloning
and this usually results in an "adult" with a child's brain.  And
usually SF stories require that cloning be illegal as it is in the real
world, but if cloning were legal and accelerated aging were an option
then we could produce adult clones with undeveloped minds.  Would the
clones then be considered children or adults?  As Saxon pointed out, it
doesn't bear thinking about too much because the compromise of
considering them as adults without the rights normaly given to adults
had already been made when the story began.


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