Superfreaks/ACRA: Superfreaks #15

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Tue Nov 7 13:31:22 PST 2006

Okay, quickly, because I still have to go wait in line to vote.

I really enjoyed this one.  I thought the Extreme clones were a nice
touch, and it came across less as a blatant Superman/Bizarro/Reign of
the Supermen/Superman II parody and more of a homage-- it was very
touching, in its way.

I was somewhat disappointed to discover that Zon was actually trying to
say "kneel before Zon"-- I liked it better with the human race forever
clutching bells in case Zon might show up.

The Columbo thing felt a bit out of place-- but it did add another pop
culture layer to the Superfreaks ouvere. :-)

And just one more thing-- I think the reason why Reject would not
listen to authority might be because they've been calling him Reject.
I mean, it doesn't exactly engender good self esteem, and might end up
being a self-fulfilling prophecy.

After all, look at Tubby Tompkins from Little Lulu.  Mean lil' son of a
bitch.  Fat and lazy.  And I think naming a kid "Tubby" might have had
something to do with it.

Same goes for Goofus and Gallant, whom I'd love to see
parodied/homaged/whatevered in Superfreaks. :-)


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