LNH: A Journey Through the Mind of the Seemingly Unstable

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 7 13:16:58 PST 2006

Mitchell wrote:

I found it to be a very interesting story, even if I didn't always
understand it. :-)

> ----------
> Okay, I think that this thing's only saving grace is that it was better
> than my first attempt.

Which would actually make this your first attempt, since it was the
first one you posted. :-)

Feel free to do as many as you like-- it's not a contest with a
deadline.  I might end up doing more of them myself, probably centered
around Pants Rabbit Lad-- I don't see how else I'm going to motivate
myself to write about him. :-)

> However, it _can_ be viewed as a useful, education experience, from
> which we learnt two things:
> 1. I need more practice at this sort of thing. Desperately.

I don't know about that-- you did finish the story and you played by
the rules.  It certainly had an internal sense of psychological logic.

> 2. One and a half hours is not nearly enough time to make this sort of
> thing comprehendable.

This is very, very true. :-)

I did manage to finish that Pants Rabbit Lad story (Whatever Happened
to Suicide Werewolf?) in about four hours.  One thing you'll notice is
that the scenes were very short-- sometimes, at an extreme, only one or
two sentences.  That freed me up to concentrate on making sure the
sentences flowed (somewhat) in each scene.  Then, my main concern
wasn't that each sentence flowed into the next like a chain of
seventy-five parts, but rather that each scene fit in, structurally,
with the others.

How well I did is for the reader to decide, but if I pulled it off half
as interestingly as Mitchell and Martin have, I must have done very
good indeed.

I did read the second Alt.stralian Yarns, and enjoyed it.  I was going
to write a review, but wouldn't have much to say that I didn't say
about the first-- it's funny, it's very LNHy in a nice oldschool way,
and I'm glad you're with us. :-)


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