LNH/META: Leadership Crisis

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 2 06:55:16 PST 2006

After much fillibustering, I'm back to work on my
ambituous Ultimate Ninja guide, which seeks to examine
every aspect of the Ninja's character and requires me
to read every story the Ultimate Ninja ever appeared
in.  Expect the guide to appear some time within the
next decade.

Anyway, I'm looking at "Sieze Dangerous" [sic] and I
noticed this intriguing author's note before the
second chapter:

"Here it is!  When i should be doing the roster or my
stupid homework I write another episode!  Is there
something wrong with me!!! * I think so *  Don't write
into this story, since it will really screw up the
continuity with the other stories going on... I would
suggest that even if you notice your character die in
an episode that you NOT bring them back.  At least ask
me about it!"

And when I see a note like that-- particularly the
last two sentences, which I'm sure didn't go over
well-- I know there has to be a story behind it,
perhaps some controversy.  Do any of you old-timers
(and I say this affectionately) remember some of the
behind-the-scenes goings-on during the Leadership

Was there some backlash to wReam trying to make the
Ultimate Ninja leader of the LNH?  Was the triumvate
of UN, Continuity Champ, and Rebel Yell reached as a
compromise?  Was Scavenger upset when Rebel Yell died
in SIEZE DANGEROUS # 2, albiet temporarily?

I'm not looking so much for dirt as I am for a feel
for the time period, and how people reacted to wReam,
his writing, and the Ninja at that time.  I'd like to
know how the real world (or, as real as a newsgroup
can be) affected the flow of the fictional one. 
Usually, the importance of such things is minimal, but
in a community-based shared universe, a record of
collaboration/disputes helps put things into context.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and due credit
would of course be given.


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