8FOLD/META: The Nostalgics # 1 Contest

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Mon May 29 16:00:46 PDT 2006

Heads up, everybody-- the contest for THE NOSTALGICS # 1 will end on
June 1.  Unless someone wins that contest, a new contest will start at
that date for THE NOSTALGICS # 2.

A reminder about the contest for # 1 and its rules:

   Somewhere in the text of THE NOSTALGICS # 1 is a classic Golden-Age
Superman reference, a line that appears in one of the most important
and often-reprinted Golden-Age stories by Siegel and Shuster.  This
line is one that, in its original context, emphasizes the tragedy at
the heart of Superman.

   If you can locate this line, simply post a reply to THE NOSTALGICS #
1 quoting the relevant text; only a line or two of quotation should be
required.  (Don't quote whole blocks of text in the hopes that it's
somewhere within!)

   The first person to post a correct response before June 1st will
recieve an autographed special edition DVD of Tom Russell's
feature-length motion picture, MILOS, LIFE AND TIMES OF A DREAMER.
Here's what Ryan Niemiec, one of the co-authors of MOVIES AND MENTAL
ILLNESS, had to say about MILOS (begin shameless plug):

<<Although... Bradley [is] the character with the "mental illness," and
he definitely did have something going on (probably Brief Psychotic
Disorder or Dissociative Disorder NOS...making for interesting
differential diagnosis conversations for psychologists), I was much
more fascinated by the Milos character. Milos was more interesting,
quirky, better acted, and sticks in my mind now 4 days after having
seen the film... Milos has a lot of "Avoidant Personality" traits...not
that he would have this personality disorder but a definite flavor. An
"avoidant" person wants relationships but is anxious/fearful and often
awkward in the attempt so usually doesn't make the attempt...

 My first instinct actually was that this is going to be a
one-dimensional, autistic character; of course, [the film] proved me
wrong. The fact that Milos does make the attempt, is for me, the most
significant and important "transformation" in the film...>>

(end shameless plug)

1-- JUNE 1st.  So, hurry!  Time is running out!

--Shameless, Pantless Tom

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