LNH/META: The Integrity Quest Companion

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Fri May 26 07:36:22 PDT 2006


Stalwart Saxon Brenton pointed out that Integrity Quest predated the
RACC imprint Crossroads by a year or two, which means of course that
the reference to "Crossroads" in IQ is most likely not a reference to
the RACC imprint.  Other than that, I think the INTEGRITY QUEST
COMPANION is fairly accurate; just goes to show that you can't take
things for granted.

Does anyone know what Doug may be referencing, then, in the following

>    :"It looks like... yes.  Spitt's[*] charging
> towards Metropolis!  And we have Yakblood[**]
> destroying the Crossroads[***].  We're going to have


> poor victimized Lost Cause Boy.  He pushes a button on
> a plot-device, transporting himself and Rochester to
> Crossroads.  There, they are greeted with a sign that
> reads,
>    :This space left intentionally blank.  Crossroads
> mini is over.:



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