LNH: Easily-Discovered Man #46

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Tue May 23 17:27:18 PDT 2006

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at dreadpirate72 at netzero.com wrote on 5/21/06 11:32 PM:

Yay! Another issue of EDM!

Anyway, another good issue.  Enjoyed the top ten list.

Glad to see the 'to be continued..' because the tone of it felt like this
was going to be the last issue of the series.  (And this series couldn't end
without at least one battle with the Easily Discovered Bran Mite!)

Hope the next issue comes a little sooner than two years from now though
(but... whenever you have the time :))...

That being said...

> I thought about the heroes I'd known.  Sarcastic Lad and Master
> Blaster, my role models for the swinging super-hero bachelor life, had
> married and settled down, more or less.  Particle Man had left
> Net.ropolis to take a teaching position somewhere.  Sig.Lad had died.
> Swordmaster had written a novel that I kept meaning to read.  I hadn't
> heard from Decibel Dude in months, and Glitch Girl had gone to work for
> MicroSoft.

Wait!  When did Sarcastic Lad get married?

Arthur "What is with this Marriage Madness?" Spitzer

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