META: Your Loved Ones

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at
Mon May 22 18:13:48 PDT 2006

  As I mentioned, my ex-girlfriend used to read some
of my stuff.   She rathered like Vel, not only as a
series but as a character.   I'm not sure it had any
effect why that ended... on the other hand I'm not
sure it helped either.   By the end of the series I
actually found myself hating the character.   

  I've had a few other friends read some of it.  John
Fenimore (who I've known for almost sixteen years)
co-wrote most of Patient Zero and Absurd Lass with me.
 He was so pissed when I killed them.   

  And unlike Tom, I LIKE compartmentalization.   Maybe
because I'm prone to acting differently with different
people.   With one group I'm the crazy goofball, and
the acerbic, bitter and cynic in another.   The
idiotic younger brother of one group and the armchair
philosopher of another.   Whenever I try to intergrate
those it just makes me uncomfortable.   

  The very few people who I don't feel the need to be
any of those things around... I don't know what the
hell they thing of me.  Okay, the said ex-girlfriend--
and she contradicts herself every third thing she

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