LNHY: Matthew Almighty 3: The Final Part... Really... Honest

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Sat May 20 17:57:26 PDT 2006

> His movies _do_ go on far too long, though.  They'd
> be much more
> effective as lean, mean hour-long B-features.  But
> by that time, they
> had stopped making hour-long B-movies.

  The Day the Clown Cried wasn't funny at all. I had
the chance to read both version of the script once
online.   I can't stand the man after finding out it
wasn't an urban legend.  Sick, sick movie.  It could
have been great... if he hadn't rewritten the film as
a vehicle for himself.  I'm so glad he lost the court
case so it will stay shelved.    

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