META: Your first time...?

Tim Munn drtimphd at
Mon May 15 21:11:50 PDT 2006

Yes, I get a little of the same here, except I get to the point that I
totally block myself from continuing on.  Well, more often than not
actually.  There was a snippet in Possible Man #4 that I left in which
turned out to be my best reaction against the blockage.
Really, writing is fairly difficult for me.  Its taken me a year to
start to write the sequel to Boring Man Saves Canada, titled Snow
Commander and the World Below, starting the process just yesterday.
Along with that, I've got three other one-shots/specials planned and a
regular series set in the LNH sphere of things.  I just need to write,
and amazingly that's not very often.  I spent three hours writing two
days ago and wrote only a paragraph.  I get long, long spells of
writer's block.
I know too, that if I can get something to snag myself, I can keep
writing and writing and writing.  I've got to snag myself on a story
first before I can hope to snag someone else.  I do believe passion and
drive are important as well.  If I didn't believe in what I was
writing, I wouldn't write at all.  Even the stuff that is crap.  I
don't throw it away, I keep it as a testimony to the fact that I can
get better, and to keep in mind that this is what I went through to
produce this.  Sort of like the deleted scenes on a dvd.  I've got
passion, but its drive that often worries me.

Tim Munn

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