LNH/META: The Hall of Lost Heroes

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On Friday 12 May 2006 Arthur Spitzer <arspitzer at earthlink.net> replied:

>The whole Myk-El as a traitor was retconned away in Retcon Hour.  He's not
>even dead.  I think he merged with Raccelestial Madonna (Vamoo Woman?) to
>become the Looniversal Anchor or something like that.

As per the conclusion of Retcon Hour Myk-El was now the consort to Vamoo
Woman (who was made RACCelstial Madonna), and the two of them are
flying around in space doing... I dunno... cosmic stuff, I guess.

>Golden Retriever? (Actually I can't remember what his name was -- A
>character that the Stirge created I think)

You never got to see him alive :-)  He was retconned in during Retcon
Hour as the fall guy to take the blame for Errand Boy having taken Ultimate
Ninja's ginsu katanna.  At the time the LNHers were rather upset that this
noble Legionnaire was treated like dirt by Ultimate Ninja (he told Organic
Lass to dump the Retriever's corpse in the garbage in _Errand Boy_ #7),
but since that Ultimate Ninja has since been revealed to be an evil clone
(cf _Ultimate Ninja_ #15) I'm guessing that GR's since been given a
statue in the Hall of Lost Heroes.

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