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Sat May 13 11:51:23 PDT 2006

Posting this a second time...

in article 1147399659.463227.149640 at, Tim Munn
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> There's lots of stuff on RACC to inspire, not just Tom's writing.
> Cauliflower for example.  I took a plunge into LNH territory after
> reading that.  Not a good plunge, but a plunge nonetheless.  Which
> brings me to another point: I can't hate anything I write, no matter
> how bad.  Probably not good for either myself (I guess) or the reader.
> I think I've gotten better at the writing process; that is to say, what
> is good and what is crap, even though my style is to write-then-post,
> which really would make that determination more harder.  I'm going to
> have to write something for my 9 year anniversary next month.  :)

Thanks!  Flattered to know that someone wrote an LNH story because of me.

I don't really hate anything I write either, although I am aware when
something in one of my stories sucks (If something sucks it's usually
because I just couldn't think of a clever way to fix it and just gave up on
it and left it in).

You just need to write and write.  The more you write the better you usually
get (well till you reach the peak of your ability then everything starts to
go downhill).

I guess when I write I try to write stuff that I want to see and no one else
seems to want to write.  I also believe if I can just keeping pushing myself
I'll get better and better.  I suppose passion and drive are important
things to have when you're writing and the belief that what you're writing
is worth writing.

Arthur "But sometimes you just have to write crap.  Can't be helped."

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