[WWW] Get your comic strips online. Draw them on your browser.

tiago.cardoso at gmail.com tiago.cardoso at gmail.com
Wed May 10 12:00:36 PDT 2006


For those who want to draw their comics, theres this new innovation
place online:  http://www.mainada.net/comics/
 It's a new and free site, where users can draw their comic strips
directly online. It's really fun and has some cool stuff.
Other users drawing are drawn in "real time" and are ranked by
Strips can be viewed by ranting, date or user. Check out Sumeero's
drawing  :)
Anyone can even blog their comics with one line of code (an iFrame

Hope you can make a quick visit and draw your imagination, because this
kind of site can just work if users use it  :)  as the content is done
by them.
It's fun.
Thanks and best regards,

Tiago Cardoso
( http://www.mainada.net/comics/ )

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