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	Vel turned toward the screen.   A middle-aged dorfan in green and
black military gear stared back at him. His eyes were silver and were
the only feature on the man's body to betray his true age.   His
posture and expression were one that, if the man weren't dorf, one
would have thought he wanted to rip Vel apart.

	"Soo.... How goes your request for aid?" the dorf said.
	"Great your lordship.   No official government is agreeing to
support us," Vel said.  "But let's just say I have friends in
other areas."
	"The Weinstein girl?" Moakonzi said.
	"Yep.   A few others though.  Varnoff/Henkerton Techonologies.
Forge Medical Holdings.   Oh, and the money from that relief telethon
should be reaching you shortly," Vel said.

	Moakonzi growled.

	"What is it about you humans?   Your answer to every disaster is the
same..." Moakonzi said.   "Send in the clowns."
	"Or Bono," Vel smirked.
	"Nevermind sir," Vel said.

	Moakonzi relaxed for a moment.

	"So..." he said.  "What's this I hear about you and
Seductress?  Expanding the clan I hear.  Your father didn't seem too
pleased-last time we spoke anyway."
	"Yeah, well, give him my best..." Vel said.

	The lights went dim.  Sidebars appeared next to the image of Moakonzi.
 Vel paused for a moment and then took a long deep breath.

	"Sir," Vel said.  "The Ultimate Ninja has stepped us up to red
alert.   I've got to go!"
	"May the tide of battle flow for you," he said.  "Moakonzi

	        Vel #15
	  Like Father, Like Son Part One of Three
	A Killfile Wars Tie-In
	 By Jesse N. Willey

	Jen was making her way down to her weekly appointment with Doctor
Stomper and Doctor Ja'Khaleem.  As per weekly tradition, Vel had
promised to go with her and had gotten so tied up in work that he
either forgot or ignored the fact.   Then, of course, alarms went off.

	"Security alert!   We have reports of causalities in the kitchen.
Repeat!  We have reports of causalities in the kitchen!" came
Fred's voice over the intercom.
	"Ooof!" Jen shouted.

	Jen almost fell to the ground.  Sing Along Lass rushed to her side,
thinking she could catch her.   Jen floated up the ceiling, did a flip
and rolled down the hallway.

	"Are you all right?" Sing Along Lass asked.
	"I'm floating down the hallway and you have to ask?" Jen

	She changed direction and reversed course and began coming back down
the hallway at a lower altitude.  Sing Along Lass grabbed her foot and
tried to pull her back toward the ground only to get dragged into the
air herself.   She let go and plummeted back down to the floor.

	"What's wrong?" Sing Along Lass asked.
	"The baby-it's kicking," she said.   "And it feels like
it's got a bit of Daddy's strength."
	"But why are you floating?"
	"Shut up and just," she said with a grunt.  "go get Vincent."


	Vel got to the cafeteria too late.   The Ninja was already lying
there.   Ultimate Ninja and Ultimate Ninja were already standing over
him, holding his hands while Adamant Authority on Everything took his

	"Who?" Vel asked.
	"Lady Killfile," Authority said.
	"You and I have to figure out how she got in," Vel said.
	"No," said Ultimate Ninja.  "We need Authority running strategic

	Vel sighed.

	"What good are strategic operations if we don't know what
they're capable of?" Vel said.   "I mean, the Killfile's just
took one of you out.   I don't know what good people with the power
to find a parking space are going to do."

	Deja Dude came up running up behind Vel.

	"Stomper's busy with Seductress... don't worry Vel... she was
fine once they used the butterfly nets to get her off the ceiling,"
Deja Dude said.
	"Don't worry.  I can help you with the science stuff."
	"By Shoulbi, what did I do to deserve this?" Vel muttered.


	Ja'Khaleem was a pudgy man in his late forties.   His wide smile and
Hawaiian shirt made him look almost human though his skin and body
betrayed his dorfan heritage.   His smiling face was the first thing
Jen saw when she came to.

	"This is the strangest complication of an interspecies hybridization
I have ever seen.   And I have seen some very very strange combinations
in my time.  I once knew a Dorfan man who mated with his Regk,"
Ja'Khaleem said.  "Why even Vel didn't cause this much trouble...
and he was a real son of a bitch in the womb."

	Jen smiled.

	"You delivered Vel?" she asked.
	"Deliver him?  I was his doctor till he was sixteen," he said.

	Jen began to sit up.

	"No, no, don't do that... " Ja'Khaleem said.  "You don't
want to aggravate the baby.   He's a real nasty one."
	"What?" Jen said.
	"Well... At first, my esteemed colleague Doctor Stomper, thought
that the uncontrolled levitation was caused by hormonal imbalances
caused by the pregnancy.   That your powers were just acting coo-coo
for Cocoa Puffs," Ja'Khaleem stated.  "But... I insisted that he
run an antigraviton scan anyway.   The epicenter of the disturbance
wasn't from you..."
	"But from the baby?" Jen said.
	"Precisely.  You caught on much faster than Vincent did,"
Ja'Khaleem said.
	"Which means?"
	"It means there could be problems."
	"What kind of problems?"


	Vel began typing data in the computer and looking over notes.   Deja
Dude seemed to be doing the same thing one the other side of the lab.
 They worked in almost total silence until the results were finished.

	"Look Vel, I saw your work during that whole Inhalators thing.
I'm sure you could do this by yourself," Deja Dude said.
	"Having an extra pair of eyes it speeds things up.   I hate
inefficiency," Vel said.
	"The dorf in you?" Deja Dude said.
	"Quite the opposite.   Most dorfs act off blind aggression.  The
laws Moakonzi and some of his disciples set down are pretty much the
only thing that separates them from wild animals," Vel said.  "My
dad always told me that anything worth doing is worth doing well.   Not
that you should be afraid to screw up.   No, that's how we learn.
But y'know... don't use up time if you don't have to."
	"Sounds rough," Deja Dude said.
	"Nah.. He's right on a lot of that.  Handle things right the first
time and you don't have to waste energy trying it again," Vel said.

	Vel went back to working on his equipment.

	"If you wanted help... why did you seem angry that you were stuck
with me?   Are you still mad about that OMAR thing?" Deja Dude said.
(See Vel #1-2)
	"That?  Nah," Vel paused.   "I assume you heard about Jen."
	"Yeah, so?" Deja Dude said.
	"I guess... you just make it seem so easy," Vel said.  "The
whole family and super heroing thing.  Hell, your kid has powers or
something, right?   Do you ever have any problems?"
	"That's the thing.  I only make it look easy.  It's hard work.
Teaching, being a super hero and raising a family.  I'm sure you'll
do fine," Deja Dude said.  "Damnit, Master Blaster was right.
This relationship advice idea is a double-edged sword.  I'm turning
into Doctor Phil."


	Ja'Khalleem leaned down to do another test.   Suddenly he began
floating to the ceiling.    Instruments and equipment went flying
through the air.   He quickly dodged the overhead lamps and became
crushed against the ceiling.

	"I think this is just the start," Ja'Khalleem said.
	"Can't you whip us some power dampening drug?" Jen asked.
	"No... even if I could reach the ground, the drugs could harm the
baby," he said.

	Stomper walked in with his scan thingee.

	"And if you don't administer it... you could kill them both,"
Stomper said.

		To Be Continued.......

Vel, Moakonzi, and Docter Ja'Khallem created by Jesse N. Willey.
Seductress and Deja Dude created by Martin Phipps.  Sing Along Lass
created by Charles Fitzgerald.  Ultimate Ninja created by wReam.
Adamant Authority on Everything and  Doctor Stomper are public domain.

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