[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #28 - April 2006 [spoilers]

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> [REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #28 - April 2006 [spoilers]
> Reviewed This Issue:

> A Guy In A Trenchcoat Fighting Ninjas  [NTB]
> Eggplant The Easter Miracle Komodo Dragon  [LNH]

As always, thanks for the reviews Saxon.

>And in the backup story,
> Master Blaster turns WikiBoy into a cat girl to fill the place of the
> gone and only-partly-remembered Panta - which makes me wonder if perhaps
> Skunk Girl if would be an acceptable substitute until I recall that
> Skunk Girl isn't quite as naively sweet as Panta was.

Hmm. I'd say Skunk Girl's big problem would be her name.  When you think
of a cat you might think of 'sex kitten' or playful or innocent or
something.  When you think skunk you think very bad smells.  Not very
sexy or adorable.

Of course I don't think there will ever be an acceptable substitute for
Panta.  Part of what made her great was her history (a member of the
Net.Patrol, the Death of Lost Cause Boy, her history with the Preacher).
Plus Hubert wrote about her from 92 to 99 so they're are quite a bit of
stories about her.  Any substitute  would probably have to be usable without

Sing-Along Lass used to be naively sweet (well at least before Jesse Willey
started writing her).

Started out writing a story about a Panta ripoff and decided it wasn't a
good idea, so I've changed a number of things about it (right now the
character makes fanboys drool and that's about it).  Don't know when I'll
finish it.

Some characters just capture people's imaginations and some don't.
I could create a character called Greatest-LNH-Villain-Ever
Man-Robot-Gorilla, but there's no way I could possibly convince people to
embrace such a character as the greatest LNH Villain.  Either they do or
they don't.  Same thing with any Panta ripoff.

Arthur "Who lives in the LNHQ basement now days?" Spitzer

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