META: Your first time...?

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at
Tue May 9 12:33:01 PDT 2006

     I first got Usenet access in late June 1992.  The oldest post I can find
of mine that refers to the LNH is on July 5, 1992.  The oldest post I can
find in which I actually post LNH story content is September 2, an add-on of
two paragraphs to Manga Man's "return from break" post.  But it involved
Acton Lord, who I created after Sig.Lad.  September 8 is the earliest story
reference I can find to Sig.Lad, so the archives are probably spotty.
     Looks like I posted Mike Molinsky's "The Day The Earth Cringed" around
July 5.  Scav posted the LNH Call To Arms on September 2, which seems to be
the first new LNH content to show up after I got access.

     Dave Van Domelen, is pretty much the equivalent of showing up in Batman
#1 or Superman #1, having missed Action and Detective's launches.

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