META: Your first time...?

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Tue May 9 10:02:17 PDT 2006

I first discovered the LNH-- and by extension, RACC--
in May of 1997, posting my first "stories" at the end
of that month.  I had been looking for free web comics
with my AOHell search engine.  They weren't nearly as
prevalent then as they are now, and the superhero
genre stuff I was looking for was almost nonexistent,
making for a furstrating search.

I refined the search terms dozens of times, and the
LNH home page popped up.  Rather than be disappointed,
I was intrigued-- I was in a Lewis Carroll stage, and
the quote atop the page intrigued me.

The first LNH story (and RACC story) I ever read was
Hubert Bartle's TALES OF THE LNH # 360, "Panta vs. the
Preacher!", as the subject line proclaimed.

That was nine years ago this month.


How did YOU first come across rec.arts.comics.creative
and/or the LNH?  Were you surfing USENET groups,
trying to find something that picqued your interest? 
Were you recommended by a friend?


Tom Russell
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"In the beginning, Milos seems to have no clue how to relate
 to anyone.  He is quizzical, leaving the viewer questioning
 and wondering..." 
  -- Ryan M. Niemiec, co-author of MOVIES AND MENTAL ILLNESS


"If a comic book, book, movie or novel is not somebody's fantasy 
then who wrote it and to whom does it appeal to?  In order for a 
shared universe to have a widespread appeal, it has to appeal on 
a primal level.  If somebody says superhero comics are just 'wish 
fulfillment' then he needs to explain what is entertainment that 
doesn't satisfy our wishes and what satisfaction at all you can get 
from it." -- Dr. Martin Phipps

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