MISC: Super Stomach Girl #4 - You Knew the Job was Dangerous When You Took It

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Sun May 7 13:35:03 PDT 2006

Super Stomach Girl #4 - You Knew the Job was Dangerous When You Took It

by Jerry Shaw

The next day, Saturday, Roz started her training. 

"You know, you're going to have to find the best way to get your powers 
activated, and once activated, be able to control them," said Kara.

"OK, teach me. You know what I have to do to unleash my powers. I need 
to know what it takes for this, to learn what my limits are, and how to 
control my powers, as you said. After all, I may not always want to 
send someone flying 50 feet through the air. I may just want to knock 
them out. And I need to know how much I can take, how much it takes for 
me to transform. And of course, I want to get stronger. I want to get 
so strong that... that... that even YOU can't put me down."

"Well, I don't think you're ever going to be that strong," she said 
with a slight frown. That worried Roz, until she saw the frown turn 
into a broad smile. "Gottcha! But remember, no matter, there will 
always be someone stronger, better than you.

"So are you ready to start?"

Roz nodded, and they went to the gym in the back room. There were 
slight differences in the layout there from yesterday, but she couldn't 
see what they were.

Against one wall, there was a set of holes drilled from the floor to 
the ceiling, and a peg stuck in one of the holes. Kara pulled out the 
peg and looking Roz over, put it several notches higher. She was 
smaller than Roz was, so had to jump to reach the hole she picked. But 
she jammed it precisely into the middle of the hole the first time. 
"Back up against the wall and jump up and grab that peg and hang there. 
We're going to let you get used to being punched gradually. And maybe 
we'll see if we can trigger those powers of yours."

"And then I'll be ready?"

"Yes, ready for more punches. Hopefully, if all goes well today, you'll 
walk away from here with your stomach hurting so bad you'll be all bent 
over from the pain. And maybe, just maybe, you'll want to come back 
tomorrow, or maybe the next day.

"And if everything goes right, you'll no longer want to be a superhero. 
Because that pain's what you have to look forward to for the rest of 
your life, you know."

Roz had never thought of it that way. But of course, she was absolutely 
right. As a superhero, she would be expected to shrug off anything the 
villains threw her way. She would have to endure all sorts of hurts, 
even well beyond anything she could ever stand. And with her peculiar 
power, she could expect it to be especially painful.

All this frightened Roz.

And excited Roz.

"OK, strip."

Well Roz had been planning on a fight today, so she was ready for it. 
She took off the sweatpants she had pulled over her suit and pushed the 
suit up and down to form a tiny bikini bottom, and a sports bra that 
was only slightly less tiny. She backed against the wall as Kara had 
told her, and jumping up, grabbed the peg. This had the effect of 
stretching her out as she hung there, her feet a good six inches off 
the floor.

"Would you look at that!" Kara said, looking directly at the center of 
the bullseye. "I've seen it in the videos, but it looks so much more 
impressive up close!"

Roz had half been expecting that.

"That's the flattest, most impressive stomach I've ever seen up close! 
I can't wait to dig my fists deep and hard into that."

Roz hadn't been expecting that. But knowing Kara's propensities, she 
guessed she should have been expected it. She should have known what 
Kara would have been most interested in.

Kara started out as she had said, easy. She punched the center of Roz's 
stomach a little. Roz had the sense to tense her stomach before the 
punch so barely felt it. Kara kept punching the same spot, right at the 
bullseye, harder and harder with every punch. And as her punches got 
harder, she gave Roz more and more time to recover. Eventually, her 
punches were hurting so much that Roz was groaning between each one, 
panting a little to get her breath back. Evidently, this was the level 
Kara wanted, since she kept punching her at the same strength, and with 
the same cadence. But of course, that didn't make it any easier on Roz, 
as her stomach was starting to give out from the strain of trying to 
ward off those punches and from the pain of receiving them. Roz was 
just about ready to tell Kara to stop, when she stopped of her own 
accord. And Roz did a stupid thing. She relaxed.

Kara threw an incredibly hard punch directly to the middle of her 
stomach, to the precise spot she had been softening up for the last 
half hour. It sunk in deep, all the way back. Roz released her hold on 
the peg and dropped hard to the floor, thanking Kara for having those 
mats installed, but cursing her for that sucker gutpunch.

Kara bent close to her as she laid there rolled up in a ball 
whimpering. "Lesson one, don't ever relax. If you're going to be a 
superhero, you have to be ready at all times. No villain will ever stop 
to let you recover. Ever. You can always count on them to take 
advantage of every opening you give them, do that which will cause the 
most damage, inflict the most pain. Count on it. Expect it. So don't 
ever relax.

"That's enough for today. We can pick this up tomorrow when..."


"No! I won't give up. Not yet."

Well, Kara thought. She's much better than I had expected. I think 
she'll make a fine superhero after all.

"All right then," Kara conceded. "What do you want to do now?"

Slowly Roz got up against the wall again. But this time, she didn't 
jump and grab the peg. Her stomach was on fire. She knew she wouldn't 
be able to jump even that small amount to the peg. But she had 
something she needed to do.

"You said it yourself. A villain would never stop to let me recover. 
You've taken me to my limit, and a little beyond. I want to feel what 
it's like to be taken well beyond my limit. To be helpless to prevent 
the pain. Not to go on until I say to stop, but until my body says to 

Kara hadn't expected this of Roz. She knew she was tough, but never 
this tough. And of course, She was happy to oblige. It would be a 
pleasure to punch that flat, hard, wide belly of Roz's until she 
collapsed, and maybe a little bit beyond.

"OK, get back against the wall."

And Kara reached around behind her and pulled out a set of padded 

When Kara told Roz she wasn't into whips and chains, she was telling 
the truth. But handcuffs and ropes, those she had galore. And while the 
numerous handholds and chinning bars around her gym were usually used 
for exercises, they served the purpose of restraints very well. 
Especially when a body like Roz's was begging to be abused. And it 
wouldn't be the first hard body which had begged Kara to be abused, in 
those handcuffs, on those restraints. And it most certainly wouldn't be 
the last.

Kara snapped the handcuffs on as Roz held her hands out in front of 
her, being careful to make sure they would not chaff her wrists. I 
think she knows what is coming, thought Kara, as she offered her wrists 
to me willingly. Or maybe she has done this before. Now there was an 
interesting thought, thought Kara.

Roz looked at Kara. She was small but strong for her height. Kickboxing 
and Tae Quon Do would do that for you, build up your muscles. "Hold 
your hands high above your head," Kara said, as she grabbed Roz by 
either side of my stomach and easily lifted her up, hooking the 
handcuffs over the peg that was still there. The feeling of her strong 
hands, her thumbs digging deep into Roz's broad, wide, flat stomach 
excited her, excited them both. But to business.

"Ready Roz?" was all Kara said. Roz just nodded.

Kara started where she had left off. She threw those same punches to 
her tight belly. "Slap... Oof... Slap... Guuh... Slap... Nnnh..."

The sounds of fists burrowing into her stomach, the sounds of her 
reaction. All exciting, thought Kara.

Kara thought carefully about what to do next. She increased the 
punches, both in frequency and in strength. She kept the same target 
though. No matter how much Roz thought she was ready for her strongest 
punches, Kara knew she wasn't. So she moderated her punches and their 
location. Eventually, she knew, Roz would be able to take her strongest 
punches, and even in the most sensitive, the weakest parts of her 
stomach. Though not today.

Kara pounded away on Roz's stomach, right at the bullseye. It was 
hurting her, she knew. Hurting her bad. She was no longer grunting with 
each punch. The grunts had become a continuous, low whimper, only 
changing a little as each punch landed. She knew Roz was in tremendous 
pain, pain that grew with each punch. She also knew that Roz would 
never, ever forgive her if she stopped. She had read her correctly the 
first time. She knew that once Roz set her mind on something, she would 
never give up until she had accomplished her goal. And now, her goal 
was to feel helpless, to feel completely at the mercy of another. In 
short, her goal was to have Kara punch her until she was unconscious.

And Kara was having fun. She got carried away, enjoying the feel of her 
fist pounding away at Roz's helpless belly. Feeling it land on a taut, 
hard belly, knowing that she was asking for it, and maybe even liking 

Deeper and deeper, harder and harder Kara punched. She had already 
passed Roz's limit, and was approaching her own, when there was a 
bright flash that threw her backward. The next thing she knew, Roz was 
standing there, the heavy steel handcuffs broken and lying on the floor 
in front of her. She had transformed.

I felt it just like before, the first time I transformed into Super 
Stomach Girl, Roz thought. Kara's punches were digging deep into me. 
Each punch was a searing jolt of pain. I remember thinking, "So this is 
what it feels like to be beaten, beaten to within an inch of my life." 
Then, they just faded away. They were as little love pats. And I knew I 
was about to transform. One instant I was Roz, my stomach on fire. The 
next instant, I was that other person, with no pain, but that 
incredible strength coursing throughout my body.

"Congratulations," Kara said. "It took quite a while longer this time. 
Maybe because we started out slowly. Let's try out your new body. Oh, 
and I like the red suit."

That suit. I don't think I'll ever get used to it, thought Roz. A 
second ago, it was a white bikini. Now, it was a bright red, spray-
painted-on suit, that completely covered my body, except for the bare 
bullseyed stomach, and the silver boots.

"OK Kara, what do you want me to do, bend steel with my bare hands, or 
should I say my bare stomach?"

"Let's start out simple. Go over there and punch that heavy bag. Go 
light at first. I don't want to have to repair a broken wall."

I punched the bag a little. It reacted just like I thought it would. It 
didn't move. I tried harder and harder punches. I knew I still had my 
super strength, I could feel it. But the bag only swung back and forth 
a little.

"Try punching at stomach height. If that doesn't work, imagine it's a 
villain's stomach. Picture it as Jessie's stomach, the leader of that 
girl gang that attacked you."

It didn't work. Nothing worked (though I did wonder how Kara knew the 
gang leader's name).

"OK, let's try this. Punch this," Kara said as she held out her hand. 
"Punch it as hard as you can."

The slapping sound my fist made when it impacted her sweat-covered hand 
was loud, but not too loud. She just shook her head and said, "No super 
strength there."

"OK, last test. Stand over here," and she spun me around so I faced 
away from the equipment, facing down the long expanse of the padded 
area. Kara stood in front of me, and took off the baggy sweater she had 
been wearing. She had the best looking stomach I had ever seen. Taut 
with broad sheets of muscle. Evidently she practiced what she preached. 
I wondered what it would take to penetrate that.

Kara grimaced and said, "Now I want you to very gently punch me in the 

I thrust my fist slowly forward, just sort of pushing it forward. The 
punch (if you could call it that), pushed Kara back. I, however, didn't 
move at all. It was almost as if I had put on a couple tons, my mass 
holding me in place.

"OK, now punch a little harder, but only a little harder, right here. 
I've seen what you can do when you're angry."

This time, I actually threw a punch. Not a hard one, as she had asked, 
but a punch just the same. It hit her directly on the spot she 
indicated, just above her navel, in the middle of the broad sheet of 
muscle there. The punch penetrated that hard muscle, knocking her 
backward. She tucked and rolled backward onto her back, then over and 
up to her feet again, in a beautiful backward tuck-and-roll, one I had 
not really been able to master back when I was a cheerleader. But I 
noticed she stayed bent over a little longer than she should have. So, 
I still had the power, and a strong one at that.

"Let's try this," she said, as she pulled me toward the wall and leaned 
back against it herself. "Push your finger, just your index finger, 
right in here. But please stop if it starts to go in. I'd hate to have 
to repair a finger-hole in the wall, and in my stomach too."

I tried as she asked. I could see she was straining with all her might 
to keep her muscles tight. But my finger went into her stomach as if it 
was butter. I pulled it out and tried another spot, with the same 
results. I found that I could press my finger deep into her stomach 
with no effort at all, though I could see she was straining with all 
her might, all her muscles, to keep my finger out.

"Stop!" she said. And as I backed up, she bent forward gasping for 
breath, more from the exertion than from my finger exercises. She stood 
back up.

"OK, one final test," she said as she walked back to her original 
position. "And this one will hurt me much more than it will you, I 
know. Punch me full force, as hard as you can, right here in the middle 
of my stomach."

I knew what she was doing. She was gauging my strength. I could hit and 
punch anything I wanted. But the only thing I could hit that would 
engage my super strength mode was someone else's stomach. And that was 
what she was offering. I knew she had seen the stomach punches to the 
girl gang members, so she knew precisely what she was doing. So with 
that in mind, I drew back my fist as far as I could, and punched 
forward with all my might.

As Kara saw Roz's arm go back, she tightened her stomach as tight as 
she could make it. Her abs shook from the strain. She knew she was 
going flying, but hopefully, her stomach would survive.

Roz's punch landed more-or-less where Kara had indicated. It penetrated 
the rock-hard sheath of her muscles with ease. And if it hadn't been 
for those muscles, it would have bounced off her spine. But for all 
their hardness and bulk, they only acted as a thin cushioning for the 
punch. The punch lifted Kara off the ground, as she had expected, and 
drove her backward. Fortunately, it was a straight punch instead of an 
uppercut, so she landed on the gym mats about 20 feet away. She had 
been thinking about how she would handle the punch, knowing she would 
be airborne from it. So she rolled up into a ball (which occurred more-
or-less naturally as a result of the deep punch to her stomach). She 
knew that if she could stay in a ball, in the worst case, she could 
roll on the spongy mats, hopefully slowing her enough so she wouldn't 
slam into the far padded wall too hard.

Kara remembered the punch landing, an instant of consciousness when she 
tried to form a ball, then nothing.

Kara awoke abruptly to Roz slapping her. "It hurts!"

"What, your stomach?" asked Roz.

"No, my face! Stop slapping it. How long have I been out?"

"Sorry. About fifteen minutes."

"Then I'm OK. Don't worry about it. After all, 'You knew the job was 
dangerous when you took it.'"

"Come again? Where did that come from?"

"Super Chicken." And seeing the blank expression on Roz's face, she 
continued. "A cartoon from years back. Come to think about it, you 
could probably learn a thing or two from that. I'll get on the Net and 
download a couple of episodes for you."

Slowly Kara got up. Her stomach was on fire from the strong punch, 
literally a super punch, she had just taken. She knew she would be 
feeling that punch for some time, maybe for days. But she wasn't going 
to let Roz know that. She had to steel herself so as not to grimace as 
she rolled over and pushed herself to her knees, then to her feet. She 
was pretty sure she had done that maneuver gracefully enough that Roz 
wouldn't realize what she had done. Having Roz hold back whenever she 
was punching her would only complicate things, and slow her training. 
Roz had to think that she could go all-out with Kara if they were going 
to train effectively. And at least she knew how hard Super Stomach Girl 
could punch, at least at this stage of her training. But Roz knew she 
was going to have to do some training herself, as much as she could, 
and as soon as possible, if she was going to let Roz do that again. But 
of course, she didn't let Roz know that.

"Are you still in your super-form?"

"No, it wore off a couple minutes ago."

Glancing up at the clock on the wall (just for an excuse), she said, 
"OK, I have some things to get done this afternoon. Why don't we pick 
this up tomorrow. Now shoo!" and she sprightly escorted Roz to the 
door, hanging up her "Closed" sign on it.

After closing the door, Kara dropped to the floor and curled into a 
ball. Roz's punch felt like it was still embedded in her stomach. She 
didn't think there was any internal damage, but it really felt like 
there was. It quite literally was the hardest punch she had ever taken. 
And of course, she knew she would have to take many more of these 
before Roz was fully trained. Yes, You knew the job was dangerous when 
you took it," applied to her as well. But she was a masochist. Anyone 
who trained in kickboxing just about had to be. You had to take kicks 
and punches to all parts of your body, then get up and take some more. 
But it was a little more than that for her. She actually liked the 
pain, especially the pain in her belly after a particularly hard punch, 
kick or knee to the gut.

Kara awoke to a loud knock on the door. At 6:30 in the morning! Of 
course, it was Roz.

"Hey, let me sleep a little will you?" she said. 

"But I wanna train."

"Come back at a reasonable hour for a Sunday morning, say around 11:00 
or so."

Roz left grudgingly, vowing to be back at precisely 11:00, not a minute 

After Roz had left the previous day, Kara got to work. That one punch 
had completely winded her. But she knew she would have to take more, 
and soon. So she went back into the gym and did some strenuous abs 
exercises, those that targeted that exact spot in her aching gut. So by 
the time she went to bed, she was almost completely pain free, with 
only an occasional twinge. But she knew it would come back in the 
morning, and had planned on more exercises before Roz got there. But of 
course, that was before Roz's early morning visit. So she used the four 
hours respite she had to continue working out, not only to help the 
lingering soreness but also to strengthen and limber up her muscles. It 
had been a while since she had been in a kickboxing competition, so she 
needed to get back that edge she once had. And by the time Roz returned 
(precisely at 11:00, as she had warned), Kara was ready, or at least as 
ready as she could be on such short notice.

Kara had a plan, or at least an idea for one. She had noticed that Roz 
didn't have a stomach that was particularly muscled. Flat, yes, but not 
muscular. Her punches had sunk in without meeting much resistance at 
all. So, besides getting Roz used to having her stomach punched to the 
point of pain, they would have to work on strengthening her stomach. 
Kara didn't know if Roz's weak stomach had helped her to transform, and 
if a stronger one would prevent her from transforming, but she did know 
that if she could put Roz out with a gutpunch, so could any criminal 
she would be fighting. So one plan for the day was to show Roz how to 
exercise, how to build up that sheath of muscles she needed to deflect 
the punches to her belly that she required.

The second plan was to see exactly what was the best way to get her to 
transform. But of course the prime plan was to teach Roz how to control 
her punches. They'd also need to work on her general fighting skills, 
her punches and even kicks, so she would be able to defend herself 
before she had transformed, and after her super powers had worn off. 
And she would also need general fighting skills for those times when 
her opponent's prime target, their stomach, wasn't an option. Kara 
didn't think even Roz could super-punch through an inch of Kevlar 
battle armor to get to the soft stomach behind.

Kara told most of this to Roz. "OK, right now we're going to work on 
getting you used to taking a punch. You can't even think straight if 
you're hurting as much as you were yesterday. We're going to have to 
work on that. Now strip."

Kara would never get used to seeing that red bullseye on that 
wonderful, flat stomach. But there was something else about her stomach 
that she would have sworn hadn't been there yesterday. Muscles! Yes, 
they were only tiny rows of ridges. Yes, the light had to hit them at 
just the right angle to see them, but they were there.

Without being asked, Roz backed against the wall and jumped up to the 
peg, hanging there, stretching out, her stomach flatter and more 
pronounced that ever. Kara had all she could do to restrain herself. 
She so wanted to punch that flat, wonderful stomach, punch it with all 
her might, as hard as she could, inflicting as much damage, as much 
hurt, as much pain as she could. But her good sense won out. After all, 
this was Roz's training, not hers.

Kara started out with a medium punch, harder than she had started 
yesterday, and got another surprise. Not only did Roz look like she had 
muscles, she actually did. Kara felt the familiar resistance of 
knuckles digging into a stomach, but a stomach with a hardness, a 
firmness that she knew wasn't there yesterday. Yesterday, it had been a 
belly. Today it was a stomach. With abs. She continued, increasing the 
power of her punches. Yes, it was true Roz was still grunting with the 
harder punches, but not until the punches were much harder than 

Kara got to work, working over that stomach. Hard abs or not, she still 
couldn't take a punch. Not yet, at least. Kara punched her dead center 
in the bullseye. Roz didn't drop. But she did curl up a little, bending 
at the waist. And of course, Kara took full advantage of that.

Kara punched as she had been taught, driving her fist in, and further. 
To really have a strong punch, you had to punch right through your 
target. So she aimed at the wall behind Roz, driving her small but hard 
fist deep into her stomach on the way to its target, letting it sink 
into her newly formed muscles.

Kara liked the feel of it. She liked the feel of her fist on Roz's 
flat, little, hard stomach. She liked the feeling at the moment of 
impact, that stiffening of those flat sheets of muscle as the wave of 
pain from her punch jolted them, startling them into involuntary 
contraction. She liked the feeling of the muscles as they relaxed to 
let her punch penetrate further in. She liked the feeling of that 
secondary stiffening of her muscles as they were crushed between her 
fist and the relative hardness of Roz's backbone. She liked the feeling 
of her muscles' final surrender when they realized that they could not 
stop the onslaught of that hard, relentless fist. She liked the feel of 
that final shudder as the pain of their being crushed shot out from 
them, invading every nerve ending in Roz's body. She liked the feeling 
of Roz's stomach wrapping itself around her fist, keeping that shape 
even after she withdrew it. But she liked most of all that Roz's 
muscles straightened up, inviting her next punch, knowing the impact, 
the pressure, the pain would be repeated, again and again. Kara liked 
that feeling.

Roz, of course, had other feelings. With every punch, her stomach 
twisted into a knot of agony. Kara's punches were hard now, harder than 
any she had ever felt before. They dug deep inside her, like a living 
thing, trying to get in, to rip her stomach to shreds on its way in. 
She was reminded anew of that lion, clawing and chewing on her stomach, 
tearing shreds of belly-meat out and devouring it, each gnawing bite, 
each chew sending new waves of pain throughout her whole body. But she 
knew this was not the case. Those knuckle-knives had never even 
scratched her stomach. The alien had seen to that. While she could feel 
it, feel it all, it did no damage to her delicate-looking stomach. She 
knew that when she transformed, all that hurt would go away. There 
would be no pain, not even a little, not even a lingering one. It would 
be as if it had never happened. And that was the only thing that kept 
her going. That and the overwhelming desire to become that other 
person. The one who was strong. The one who could laugh at the pain. 
The one who wasn't her. And as she thought it, it happened.

Kara noticed it first, well before Roz. She noticed that tightening of 
her muscles, the same as the day before. She noticed her punches were 
no longer penetrating as deep, and when they did, her stomach muscles 
were pushing her fist back out. She could just about count the punches 

Three more - Roz's stomach was becoming rigid, starting to deflect the 
punches. Kara punched harder.

Two more - Roz's stomach was barely dented by Kara's punch. She made 
only a small grunt at the impact of her punch, but not much more. Kara 
punched harder still.

One more - Now it was Kara's turn to feel pain, as her fist, her 
knuckles, impacted Roz's now rock-solid stomach. Kara punched as hard 
as she could, right to the center of Roz's solar plexus, the blow that 
had put Roz down for the count that first time. Only this time, Kara 
didn't hold back. She punched with all her might, with every ounce of 
strength she had, with all the skill she had acquired over years of 
martial arts training.

Roz transformed.

Kara had seen it before. But she was still amazed at the 
transformation. Roz transformed from a very fit girl into quite 
literally a super-girl. She even held herself differently, with more 
confidence even. And her stomach transformed too, a little. There 
weren't rows on rows of stomach muscles, the classic six pack or eight 
pack or even ten pack. Instead, they just gained a little in thickness, 
but retained their flat plate-like shape. This let her stomach keep its 
flat shape, that flat, hard shape that Kara liked so much, that Kara 
liked to punch so much. But of course, she knew that would be futile 
now. And she knew what was coming next.

Roz transformed. She had felt it before, and it was the same now. She 
was in excruciating pain from Kara's punches. The pain got less and 
less, then went away completely. And with the next punch, there was a 
flash and she was Super Stomach Girl. And looking at the resignedness 
on Kara's face, she knew what came next.

Kara was the one to speak. "OK, we both know what we have to do. Only 
this time, you have to learn to control your punches. Start out with a 
medium punch to my stomach, and we'll go from there."

Kara was glad she had been working out. Over the next fifteen minutes, 
until Roz's powers died again, Kara took punch after super punch, right 
in her stomach. She was knocked down only twice, but got right back up. 
And all this when Roz wasn't even trying hard.

After that set, Kara called a halt. She needed time to recover before 
the next round. Yes, she was going to do it again, to see if Roz could 
transform a second time. Only this time, she wasn't going to hold back 
with Roz's stomach. She was going to see exactly how much it took to 
put Roz out now. And Roz reluctantly agreed. But they rested for right 

They discussed Roz's stomach. Even Roz had felt the change in it since 
the previous day. She had felt a hardness there, one that was not there 
yesterday, and a hardness that she had not felt since her days as a 
cheerleader. But of course back then, she had to do strenuous exercises 
every day just to retain that hardness.

They discussed this. It was obvious it was the work of that alien, that 
what little exercise Roz had the day before had been enough to grow a 
month's worth of hard stomach muscles. But the actual mechanism of it 
was open to debate. It was not clear yet whether the muscles grew from 
the workout or from the punches. And this was an important point. If it 
was from the workout, then Roz could grow harder muscles just by doing 
some stomach exercises every day. If it was from the punches, it would 
be a lot more painful, and Kara had her work cut out for her. And if it 
was from Roz doing the punching, Kara really had her work cut out for 
her, and in a very painful way.

In all that day, Roz transformed three times. And Kara got the beating 
of her life, including another full-power punch from Roz's hardened 
super-fist, that again put her out. But she had also been able to put 
Roz out several times too (before she transformed, of course), if for 
no other reason than to show her that she was still vulnerable.

Kara was well bent over from Roz's super attacks when she shooed her 
out of her apartment, both girls slick with sweat. After what she had 
been through, she didn't see the need to pretend Roz hadn't hurt her. 
Roz had been more than eager to punch Kara's sore, red stomach when 
asked, even using her full super powers. She didn't seem to be worried 
about hurting Kara, which was what Kara had hoped all along. And 

Kara had enjoyed the day. She got the chance to punch a flat, little, 
broad, muscular stomach. She got the chance to punch it as hard as she 
could, as long as she could, until she was worn out. And that broad, 
flat, little stomach asked in return, "Please, sir, can I have another? 
Can you please punch me until I can't stand it any more? Can you please 
punch me until I pass out from the pain?" Roz's stomach asked all that 
of her.

She also got the chance to get her own stomach beaten. And that was 
more enjoyable still. To feel those hard punches of Roz's penetrate 
deep into her own stomach. To crush those abs of hers she had thought 
could take anything. To batter the breath out of her body, leaving only 
breathlessness. To be punched deep into her stomach, harder that anyone 
had ever done.

Yes, it had been an enjoyable day. And before Kara went to her hot, 
soothing shower, and then on to her soft, comforting bed, she hit the 
Internet and planned another enjoyable day, a couple weeks away. Then 
she got on the phone to make the arrangements for that future enjoyable 

Kara slammed her body down on her bed, refreshed from her shower. And 
in a matter of minutes, was dreaming, of the bellypunches she gave Roz 
on this most enjoyable of days, of the bellypunches she took herself on 
this most enjoyable of days, and of the belly punches to come on that 
enjoyable day to come.

Yes, it had been an enjoyable day.

Copyright 2006 Jerry Shaw

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