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Fri May 5 18:40:19 PDT 2006

in article 1146843331.127088.132880 at j33g2000cwa.googlegroups.com, Tom
Russell at milos_parker at yahoo.com wrote on 5/5/06 8:35 AM:

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legion_of_Net_Heroes
> Now with spiffy pictures!  Thanks to Dave, Saxon, and Wil for their
> use!
> --Tom

Looks good.

That being said, the LNH logo Wil made looks kind of drab and serious.  It
needs a splash of color or something.

Maybe a thin horizontal rainbowish line in the middle that when it reaches
the logo's right edge bursts into a crackling ball of lightning or flame or
something.  I don't know.  There should be color in an LNH logo though.

(Let me add that I think the cover designs on Wil's page are really great.
That Komodo Dragon one is wonderful.  But the LNH logo is just too drab for
my tastes.)

And while I have my 'Art Critic' hat on I think the Limp-A-Lad and Dvandom
Force pictures would look better if the white background was replaced by a
colored background.  White against a colorful superhero just doesn't look
good IMHO.

Arthur "Dave Von Domelen?" Spitzer

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