[LNH] Onion Lad #7

martinphipps2 at yahoo.com martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Thu May 4 21:35:48 PDT 2006

cabbagewielder at yahoo.com wrote:

> 	"A license plate," Weiner Boy said. "with a vanity plate that
> said ICUP."
> 	"Can you spell that please?" Onion Lad said.


> 	"The egg rolls are to die for."
> 	"That good?" he said.
> 	"No... they'll just kill you," she said.


> 	"The Great Foods Company must have a bad reputation," she said.
> 	"Oh... their reputation is rock solid," he said.  "Botulism
> cells love them."


Jesse, if you are writing a story and including jokes then the jokes
shouldn't sound like jokes.  They should sound like double entendres
that are funny to the reader but not to the characters.  The characters
should not sound as though they know they are telling jokes.  Granted,
this is the LNH and the characters know they are fictional but it takes
away from the drama if the reader is reminded of this fact every few

Just FYI. :)


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