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Wed May 3 18:15:25 PDT 2006

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> On Tue, 2 May 2006, Saxon Brenton wrote:
>> Hmm.  That suggests the possibility that the name he picked for Cauliflower
>> may or may not have been 'rigged', depending on whether he was merely
>> using the dextrous part of his powers, or whether he was using the  'pulling
>> a specific piece of paper out of the hat' part of his powers, and whether
>> the latter was set on 'I like this name, now where is the piece of paper I
>> wrote it on?' or 'find the piece of paper with the name that best suits this
>> dog'.

Well okay.  If he wants a specific piece, he has to concentrate so he can't
pull a specific piece fast.  Any random piece he can do fast.

(So it wasn't rigged.  Barring some powerful cosmic type like the Dvandom
Stranger rigging it.)

As for using his power to see the future, well considering how often the
past and present are retconned seeing into the future is probably a useless

> Also suggests the varient: Pulls out the most appropriate piece of paper
> for the situation (as opposed to any piece of paper), also along the lines
> of pulling out the truth. (Put in a bunch of escape plans and have 'Hats
> Lad pull out the one most likely to work!)
> Also, could he create a piece of paper? As in, even if no-one had put a
> piece of paper with 'Cauliflower' on it in the hat, he could basically
> create and pull out that piece of paper anyway?

He can't create paper.  He can just pull existing pieces of paper (or
possibly pieces of paper that will exist).  I suppose he could also use his
powers to snag rare comic books.  I guess he can also return these pieces
back to wherever he happened to steal them from.

>> In an indirect, 'knowledge is power' sort of way, oh my goodness yes.  In
> Ooohhh...showdown between him and Faq Boy!

Arthur "Or against Pulls-Scissors-Out-of-Hats and Pulls-Rocks-Out-of-Hats
Lads" Spitzer

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