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>>Well, if the new leaders are picked by someone picking out pieces of paper
>>out of a hat...
>>Is that a varient of his powers? Not just be able to pull a piece of paper
>>out, but pull out a particular piece of paper?

Hmm.  That suggests the possibility that the name he picked for Cauliflower
may or may not have been 'rigged', depending on whether he was merely
using the dextrous part of his powers, or whether he was using the  'pulling
a specific piece of paper out of the hat' part of his powers, and whether
the latter was set on 'I like this name, now where is the piece of paper I
wrote it on?' or 'find the piece of paper with the name that best suits this 

>I'm sure he can do that.
>Let's see Pulls-Paper-Out-of-Hats Lad's powers...
>He can pull pieces of paper out of a hat faster than any being in the
>Looniverse (including God).  As long as he has that extra thumb of course.
>He can pull any type of paper out of his hat.  (He could use this power to
>steal money from banks and snatch secret government documents -- not that
>he'd ever do that unless he had a good reason).

<nods>  I once described 'Hats Lad to a friend and he immediately saw the
possibilities for espionage and 'creating funding'.

>        If there's such a thing as
>Omnipotent Paper he could pull that out of a hat too.
>He can divine the truth using the paper out of his hat (Martin I think gave
>him that power when he used it to find out which Manga Man was the real one 
>in that Just Imagine add-on story).  I suppose he could probably use his
>powers to predict the future (get some lottery numbers).
>So when it gets down to it Pulls-Paper-Out-of-Hats Lad probably is
>incredibly powerful.

In an indirect, 'knowledge is power' sort of way, oh my goodness yes.  In
fact, I'd be tempted to limit him to pieces of paper that currently exist in
this universe (or whatever universe he happens to be in t the time).
That would avoid the 'knows the future' situation by calling back copies
of tomorow's newspaper or next decades Encyclopaedia Brittanica.

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