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                              T H E
   /////////                                        /////////
   \\\                                              \\\
    \\\                                              \\\
     \\\\\\\\\                                        \\\\\\\\
           /// ///\\ \\\   || ||  ///\\\ \\\\\\\           ///
          /// ///  \\ \\\  || || ///  \\\ \\\ \\          ///
         /// \\\\\\\\\ \\\ || || \\\  /// |||\\\         ///
   //////// ///      \\ \\\|| ||  \\\///  ||| \\\\\ ///////

                           O F  T H E

            \\\\\\\     \\\     >>>>>>>  //////////////
             \\\\\ \\    \\\    \\            ///
              \\\\\  \\   \\\    >>>>>       ///
               \\\\\   \\  \\\  //          ///
                \\\\\   \\\\\\\ >>>>>>>    ///

Author:    cabbagewielder
Email:     cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Date:      1998/11/25
Forums:    rec.arts.comics.creative

          Saviors of the Net # 9
         Of Two Worlds
          By Jesse N. Willey

  The year is 2028, the year in which Arthur Presence will finally be
taken down.  The artificial author has been plaguing this dimension 'The
Real World,' and my home universe, a wacky world known as 'The
Looniverse', for thirty years now.

  "Words, words, word," Ian said.  "We may be real, but we're all still
just words!"  "Yo!  Ian, if you don't want to be made of words just don't
believe you are," his friend Zip replied.  "Or is that concept too deep for
you?"  "You sound like my dad," Ian replied. "Look where it got him."  "Hey,
the original Patient Zero was a super hero.  He tried to fight Doctor
Net.tropolis," Zip replied.  "But he failed," Ian replied.  "Like you've
done much all that much?  At least he tried to fight," Zip said.

     Ian looked around the room, and saw a week's worth of Zip's laundry
and tons of roleplaying games.  Suddenly, Ian had an idea which he thought
could change the course of battle in their favor.

  "Zip, I have a plan.  Warm-up your computer, and start thinking of a
plot that you could bring as many old roleplaying characters as you can.
I'm going back into my story," Ian replied.  "In fact, I think I'll show
up in the third scene of chapter ten!  Have your characters meet me
there."  "Roger Wilco!" Zip replied.


     They were called The Saviors of the Real World, but separately they
were known as Sideslip, Quick Kid, DOA, Likeable Lad, Lovely Lass, Rodent
Boy and The Throwback.  Separately they were strong, but together they were

     Their headquarters looked like most super heroes' headquarters,
except theirs was even more high tech.  Their base of operations was the
underground bunker under Aqueous Labs, and was actually built by a race of
aliens known as the Enobi.  (See The Team #1-6.)  Their initial creation was
part of Doctor Maursault's genetic project.  While they still worked for
Maursault when he needed their help, they were free to take other cases if
they wished.

  "Heh!  The universe ahead of us is all clear, except a few super
villains and such," said Sideslip. "But I don't think it's anything we
can't handle."  "You said Sideslip, ol' buddy, nothing can stop The
Saviors of the Real World. We stand together and we cannot be stopped.
While I agree this might be the toughest we have ever fought, we will
succeed," replied Likeable Lad.  "Nice speech, bro," replied Lovely Lass
as her skirt waved through the air.  She loved seeing Quick Kid and Rodent
Boy drool over her.  "Ungh oohhh smash Presence!" the large brute called
Throwback yelled.

  Smoke emerged from the open door way, as Doctor Maursault emerged from the
doorway.  A woman walked at his side.  The Saviors snapped to attention and
prepared to receive their orders.

  "Hello, FRIENDS!" he said as his arms came to his side.  They now see
that he had one less hand than he had the last time they saw him.  "Doctor
Maursault!  What happened?" Likeable Lad asked.  "I Let The Grey Phantom eat
my hand," he replied.  "Why did you do that?" Lovely Lass asked.  "Yeah,
good question," Rodent Boy replied. "That is simple you fools!  Doctor
Maursault is nothing but an empty shell of a man.  There is only Gasmaster!"
he laughed maniacally.  "Now, my brainwashed assistants, will help me
destroy my foes, starting with the Legion of Net. Heros."

  Doctor Net.tropolis knew this was the only way to set her plans in
motion without 'The Dark Conclave' interfering.  Normally, she would dirty
herself by letting other villains share her glory, but Mastermime and his
cohorts were legends of their time.  They had never been caught, or truly
defeated.  In their hiatus they had not stopped working, but rather working
on a device that would to make the Looniverse completely separate from any
other dimension.


     His name was Jerome Gully, and some called him the smartest
parapsychologist on the planet.  Others called him a super hero in mens
clothing.  What he called himself was far flamboyant.  Most people he knew
accused him of modesty.  It would trade it all, if he Doctor Ashley Variel
would kiss him just once.

     "Hey, Ashley, how would you look to see proof of alternate
universes?"  Gully asked and he slipped into his trench coat.
     "Gully, I'm busy..... I have appointments all day," she replied.
     "I think you're going to want to see this.... a guy name Arthur
Presence claims that everything around him is made out of words," Gully
     "So, that just means he's crazy," Variel replied.
     "But get this, his a Deus ex Machina!" Gully replied.
     "I don't know how you talk me into these things," Variel replied.

     To Be Continued...

  Next up!

Doctor Net.Tropolis and Arthur L. Presence are not mine, but are public
domain for this crossover. Everybody else is mine.

NEXT TIME: Saviours of the Net #10: 'Kitchen Sink Kickstart - Lots
                                     Happens, But Not Much Makes Sense'
           by Saxon Brenton

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