LNH: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #13

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Tue May 2 09:16:42 PDT 2006

> But the Ultimate Ninja wouldn't give a rat's ass
> about any of that.  He
> would welcome the challenge!

   I think the idea of guilty until proven innocent
would grate on him.   
> And if you don't understand that, you might be the
> only person who
> doesn't understand the Ultimate Ninja.

   If the outcome of the trial would impact him and
just him then yes, he proabably would go for it.  But
it's not.  So yeah.

> ::rolls eyes::

  I never meant for Vel to be a likable character.  

> Wait.  Did you just say the *lack of any coherent
> story structure* was
> intentional?

   I intentionally didn't reveal things to the
audience.   Yes.   Why?  Because I chose not to... and
most of what I didn't reveal wasn't REALLY all that

> But here's the thing, Jesse: your work is
> plot-driven.  So I think it
> would behoove you to learn proper story structure.

  I know how.   It's just the way I like to write.


> And beyond that, most stories-- whether they're
> flagship stories or
> giant crossovers-- require a point.  Even if it's
> something as simple
> as a well-written and compelling action sequence, or
> a stunning and
> revelatory character moment, or something as cliched
> as a moral to the
> story...

  This one does have a point.   That the LNH really
isn't any better than the Killfiles.   The Ninja is
just as likely to use deadly force as they are.  
Ultimate we shouldn' care about them as 'heroes'
because they aren't.  

> Sure, that could be funny.  So do it with one of
> your own characters.

   Never create a character where an old one will do. 

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