LNH: Haiku Gorilla Adventures # 46

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 28 17:55:57 PST 2006

Adrian James McClure wrote:
> You're welcome.  By the way, according to the "about group" page on
> Google Groups, this month so far has had 177 messages posted, which is
> the highest number in five years.  And a lot of this is due to you.  So
> congratulations to you and all of us, but please post some more of Web
> of Mainstream Man soon.

# 4 is mostly done... I just need to get the use of a special guest
star approved, and do some editing/tightening up-- so it might end up
posted next month.  Probably a Master Blaster special at that time, as
well.  I dunno.

And more Haiku Gorilla. :-)

Tom "at the very least, by keeping it in one thread, those who don't
want to read it can ignore it" Russell

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