[LNH] How old is Writer's Block Woman?

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Tue Mar 28 16:40:14 PST 2006

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jaelle at ihug.co.nz wrote on 3/28/06 5:58 AM:

> Arthur Spitzer wrote:
>> Just Curious...
>> How old would she have been in 1970?
> With the way that age and time is flexible enough to wind around your
> head in the LNH Universe??? And the fact that nothing in the series has
> moved on for several years? Uhh... honestly, I have no idea.
> When I asked her she responded, "You're only as young as you feel."
> Which (as Mouse pointed out) when taken with the way she acts, means
> that WBW has been about eight years old for the past 30 years.
> Which is not really much help.
> Umm... as Jamas said, Mouse is 22-ish (and has been for at least the
> last eight years - she's aging much slower than I am, the rat). So I
> guess... if we assume that time was moving slower for them and has now
> frozen... probably she was mid-20s in 1970?

So we're never going to see Mouse as a Senior Citizen?  That's a shame.
I guess I'm in the minority of wanting to see all these characters keep
growing older and older and older.

>> Jesse Willey put this idea in my head
>> about Writer's Block Woman being the
>> mother of Captain Killfile.  Of course
>> I don't think Jaelle would ever approve
>> such a thing and even if she did... well
>> Writer's Block Woman isn't Captain
>> Killfile's Mother... It did make me
>> think of this weird idea for a story
>> involving her and the Legion of Net.Hippies.
> I dunno about Net.Hippies, but Mouse is definitely an only child.
> Mouse: Thank God.

But that would be one hell of a family reunion...

>> Just wondering how old she'd be... I mean
>> with time travel and genetic engineering
>> anyone could be Captain Killfiles mom...
> Haiku Gorilla?

I probably can't reveal the name ever.  The build up is too big.
Any character I pick will be a big disappointment.

> J.

Arthur "It will just have to be one of those untold mysteries that torments
        Saxon in his sleep" Spitzer

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