[LNH] How old is Writer's Block Woman?

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 27 21:18:38 PST 2006

Just Curious...

How old would she have been in 1970?

Jesse Willey put this idea in my head
about Writer's Block Woman being the
mother of Captain Killfile.  Of course
I don't think Jaelle would ever approve
such a thing and even if she did... well
Writer's Block Woman isn't Captain
Killfile's Mother... It did make me
think of this weird idea for a story
involving her and the Legion of Net.Hippies.

I don't think I'd ever have the time to
write it...

Just wondering how old she'd be... I mean
with time travel and genetic engineering
anyone could be Captain Killfiles mom...

Arthur "Relax People.  No Chance of this storyline ever happening" Spitzer

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