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> Jesse Willey wrote:
>> But I came up with a better idea.
>> The primal matter of the Looniverse was unable to
>> destroy him.  In fact it reenergized him and made him
> The problem with this is that Joltin' Jeff wrote the story in which
> this happened, and not you or I.  I don't think it's right to
> effectively alter and invalidate another author's work.
> I know I don't have much room to speak here-- but I've grown up and
> realized how childish and offensive my past antics were.  I never
> should have brought back Doc Killfile in the first place, and, having
> done it, I should have come up wiht some explanation, hopefully one
> that did not invalidate a story another person worked long and hard on.
> I'm not saying I have any moral high ground here-- I'm the idiot who
> brought him back in the first place anyway-- but that there is an
> opportunity to right a wrong here.  Adrian's suggestion is very sound,
> and I'm sure there are other solutions-- solutions which also _respect_
> the work that has come before instead of saying Everything You Know Is
> Wrong.

If you hadn't brought him back someone else would have.  My original
plan for Captain Killfile when I thought up the Saviors storyline
was that she was Killfile reincarnated.  Probably just as well that
didn't happen.

> I just think it's an issue that needs addressing, whether by Willey or
> by someone else.  There has to be a way to reconcile these two stories
> that recognizes that the best work in a shared universe _builds_ on the
> past instead of obliterating it.

It doesn't really matter.  Dr. Killfile's public domain.  Anyone can do
anything to him.  He was pretty much a brain dead vegetable before
Jeff destroyed him.  I guess the one big question though is, Why isn't
Dr. Killfile obsessed with getting revenge on Continuity Champ considering
it was CC who destroyed his brain?  Perhaps the force that brought
Killfile back to life didn't want him obsessed with pointless revenge.

> --Tom

Arthur "Or perhaps there is no rhyme or reason to peoples actions in the
        Looniverse" Spitzer

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