LNH/LNH2/FWVI: Ultimate Mercenary #5

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 25 11:42:58 PST 2006

> I just think it's an issue that needs addressing,
> whether by Willey or
> by someone else.  There has to be a way to reconcile
> these two stories
> that recognizes that the best work in a shared
> universe _builds_ on the
> past instead of obliterating it.

 Obliterating continuity is 'The dead Aunt May was an
actress' or 'Hal Jordan wasn't fully responsible for
mass murder... the yellow impurity made him do it'.
Respecting continuity is showing the events did happen
and coming up with a good reason for the changes. 
Peter David built on some of Len Wein and Al Milgrom's
stories and came up with the idea that Hulk existed
before the gamma explosion and just needed the
mutation to give it physical form.   

  Face it, Tom.  You brought him back and really
beefed up his power ratings.   I actually like him
that way and find the sheer unrelenting brutality
interesting to write.   

   Now, I could ignore Looniverse Adrift entirely,
which is what I have been doing.  Or I could write a
story that USES those events to explain the

   The idea that 'oh... he's just hopping through
time' is so Ron Marz circa 1998.  The 'False Killfile'
idea is just crap.  Just because Scott Lobdell does
something doesn't mean you should.   

   Could Jeff get mad at me if, in a whim of nostalgia
came in here and read it?  Maybe.   But if the story
is intelligently written... I don't think he would.   
Killfile was a public domain character when he wrote
him and I'm pretty sure he knew a ressurection was

  The story itself would imply that was indeed 'dead'
for a certain period of time.   He got better and is
stronger than ever.   And it plays into one Killfile's
core beliefs: What doesn't not destroy you, makes you

  As for Killfile being the source of cohesion in the
Looniverse... I'm just taking some thing from metafact
and making it in story fact.   


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