LNH/LNH2/FWVI: Ultimate Mercenary #5

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Thu Mar 23 21:15:18 PST 2006

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James McClure at lord_soldeed at yahoo.com wrote on 3/22/06 8:19 PM:

> Anyway:  Some of the LNH2 stuff is foreshadowing for plot developments
> that will be occurring in this series or other LNH stories of mine very
> soon.  The Mood Arrow alluded to here is the original Mood Arrow, but
> the Dr. Netropolis, as per what Arthur Spitzer said, is not the
> original Dr. Netropolis.  Or rather, not the one who appeared in the
> Saviors of the Net cascade, because this Dr. Netropolis was around
> earlier.  (And will be appearing in present continuity soon.)  I'll
> write a story explaining what the deal is with the 2020-era Saviors of
> the Net when Arthur Spitzer writes his promised Saviors of the Net #18,
> IE, probably never.    And isn't it kind of odd now that I think about
> it that I post a story involving alternate versions of both the Legion
> of Net.Hippies and the Saviors of the Net the very week that Arthur
> Spitzer comes back?
> Ultimate Mercenary created by Tom Russell and reserved by me.  The
> original Manga Girl created by Tom Russell.  The Oddball LNH universe,
> Master Plaster and the Evil LNH universe created by Jameel al-Kahlifaz.
> The Anti-Moderator, the LNH2 universe, the SNH universe and the XXX
> LNH universe created by Martin Phipps.  Headhunters created by Jesse
> Willey.  The Legion of Net.Hippies, Mood Arrow,
> Man-Disturbed-Scary-Creature-Very, and the original Dr. Netropolis and
> Saviors of the Net created by Arthur Spitzer.  Everything else is mine.

Yeah, probably never.  :)

Assuming I never actually finish SotN #18, I guess this is what you should
know about the Saviors.

Dr. Net.ropolis is dead (at least to most of the Looniverse populous's
knowledge.  She may not be dead, but they don't know that).

Gothic Gorilla is no longer a servant of the Lords of Anarky.

I've decided that Captain Brunhilda Killfile is one of Dr. Killfile's
many daughters (the one that everyone is afraid to mention the name of).  (I
wonder how many daughters Killfile has by now.  Has Jesse done a Killfile
family tree yet?)  Not that this matters since she's still dead.

That's about it, I think.  Feel free to use them.

Arthur "But who's Momma Killfile?" Spitzer

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