8FOLD/META: Name the Joltin' One!

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 23 08:27:47 PST 2006

Arthur Spitzer wrote:

> There's only one Joltin' One.  Joltin' Jeff McCoskey.  I think you need to
> pick another nickname.  Maybe Jumping Jamie, or perhaps Jamming Jamie,
> Juggernauting Jamie?  Jailbaiting Jamie?  Juxtaposing Jamie?  Justifying
> Jamie?  Joking Jamie?  Jawing Jamie?  Jackhammering Jamie?
> Arthur "Judging Jamie" Spitzer

With that being said, the Eightfoldians announce the first annual NAME
THE JOLTIN' ONE contest!  Joltin' Jamie Rosen needs a new nickname,
folks, and we've decided to let you-- the readers-- rectify this error.

To enter, just come up with a nickname suggestion-- perferably one that
works both as an adjective (Joltin' Jamie Rosen, for example) and as a
title (The Joltin' One).  Send your entries to milos_parker at yahoo.com
by April 15, 2006.  The winner will recieve absolutely nothing of
value-- save immortality!

One entry per person, please.  Make sure to include both the adjective
and title form-- be a little creative, and stay away from "The
[adjective] One".  Bonus points for alliteration, but the one we
choose-- the best one-- will be the one that is the most unique and


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