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Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 23 08:20:17 PST 2006

Adrian James McClure wrote:
> Some thoughts:


> 2.  I didn't know that Kid Kirby was reserved.  I could have sworn he's
> been appearing continuously in LNH stories forever.

Reserved, but useable with permission.  Jameel's pretty good about
granting it, too.

Say, anyone hear from Jameel lately?

> 3.  It would be nice if we had something in the "LNH canon" that
> started in the last five years.  I'm probably going to add bits on
> "Journey Into Irrelevancy" and "Net.Heroes on Parade," for the LNH
> canon, because those are indeed some of the most impressive LNH stories
> I've ever read.  And perhaps Miss Translation, though while it's a
> first-class LNH series I don't know if it has enough issues to really
> be significant.  (if Jamie Rosen is reading this--hint, hint)

I think Miss Translation would be an excellent addition.  I don't
really know if either JII or NHOP qualify as significant: JII has been
done, and better, by both Martin and Saxon; NHOP is in the grand
tradition of the more serious/supernatural LNH stories, like MISFITS
and LOH-- both of which did it better.  If someone is going to add
something of mine to the list, please just choose one title.

We do want to keep it relatively short, remember, so as to avoid
charges of cruft; that is, we can't have every series listed.  Not that
anyone is suggesting that-- it's just a reminder.  LNH writers are
passionate people, and we're passionate about the LNH.  Let's not let
our passion override our common sense. (Speaking of our passion-- how
many of you share your RACC work with your friends and family?  What is
their general reaction to it?)

For the same reason, I would advise against people creating wikipedia
entries for individual series or characters; if the LNH's profile was
larger-- say, if the Ultimate Ninja had his own TV series, line of
action figures, and perfume-- then it would make sense to have an
Ultimate Ninja article.  Since it's largely confined to prose, though,
I don't think Ultimate Ninja would be as important as the LNH itself to
the general reader.

That being said, I think my initial omission of LOH is a grave error.
If someone more familiar with it could post a little blurb, it might
rectify said error.

> 4.  I'm impressed.  I've never seen anyone use the word "bumbershoot"
> ever before.

It comes from reading Silver Age comics, in which the Penguin is
referred to as The Bumbershoot Bandit.

Somehow that just sounds really, really dirty. :-)

"Penguin! Let go of that bumbershoot!"


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