LNH/META: LNH Wikipedia entry... Was Re: LNH/META: A Brief History of Reception at LNHHQ

Adrian James McClure lord_soldeed at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 23 07:40:49 PST 2006

Some thoughts:

1.  119 LNH stories in the last year!  Yikes!  I'm still not caught up
with everything posted in the past year, so that's a little scary.
Although I guess half of them were "Daily Super Short-Short Story,"
which I have read all of.

2.  I didn't know that Kid Kirby was reserved.  I could have sworn he's
been appearing continuously in LNH stories forever.

3.  It would be nice if we had something in the "LNH canon" that
started in the last five years.  I'm probably going to add bits on
"Journey Into Irrelevancy" and "Net.Heroes on Parade," for the LNH
canon, because those are indeed some of the most impressive LNH stories
I've ever read.  And perhaps Miss Translation, though while it's a
first-class LNH series I don't know if it has enough issues to really
be significant.  (if Jamie Rosen is reading this--hint, hint)

4.  I'm impressed.  I've never seen anyone use the word "bumbershoot"
ever before.

5.  On a semi-related subject, did Matter-Eater Lad seriously come from
a planet called "Bismol?"

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