[HYPE] Upcoming 8FOLD offerings from the Joltin' One

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 21 10:22:30 PST 2006


Jamie Rosen wrote:

> Template #3 (new!) -- Billy has a date, tries to make sense of the
> strange turn his life has taken, and encounters Canada's premiere
> modern superhero.

Not to be confused with Canada's premier modern superhero, Prime
Minister Stephen Harper, aka Captain Dubya Jr.  When he says the name
of his mentor, Captain Dubya, he finds himself transformed into a
super-powered glove puppet.  But should he say the name again, he finds
himself transformed into a non-super-powered glove puppet.  This
unusual powering-up has the result of CBJ not being able to introduce
himself-- though he can write biting articles about the state of the
comic book art. :-P

I would just like to add that TEMPLATE # 3 will mark the twenty-fifth
story in the EIGHTFOLD universe.  Huzzah!

> With more to come in the future!


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