RACCCafe: RACCQuest, part 3

Jamie Rosen jamie.rosen at sunlife.com
Fri Mar 17 13:53:52 PST 2006

"You think there's any chance of Kid Poetry showing up now?" the
Normalizer asked, eyeing the gorilla warily from behind his sunglasses.

"Oh yeah, 'cos that's what this cascade needs,"
Starts-Arguments-For-No-Apparent-Reason Kid replied. "More useless
characters. Speaking of which, aren't we supposed to be looking for
Miss Translation?"

"Actually," Lamar Dunston interjected, "we are."

The other ex-LNHers looked at him questioningly.

"We're in what's called an 'out-of-continuity' area of space-time," he
explained. "Just look over there." He gestured at a table where one
familiar-looking figure was yelling rebelliously as Ebonics Lad
arm-wrestled the mayor of Sig.ago. A slew of people in trenchcoats were
scowling and looking otherwise vertiginously British, a drunken Frat
Boy may or may not have been putting the mack on Master Blaster, and a
voyeur was catching it all on videotape as a professional wrestler and
a drunken doctor looked on.

"Oh," the Normalizer said. "Well, in that case..."

He pantsed the Ultimate Ninja.

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