META: Wish Fulfillment, WCs, and Mary Sues

Jamie Rosen jamie.rosen at
Tue Mar 14 19:04:19 PST 2006

>Yes, it would be interesting.  If you don't write it, I will. :-)

It's a thought. I went and checked my Who's Whos because I thought the
post-Crisis Golden Age Fury (replacing the non-existent Golden Age
Wonder Woman at the time) might have fit that description. It turns out
she was another avenging-the-parents type, however.

>For some reason, it reminds me of Medea-- which is really the story in
>reverse, isn't it?  Instead of someone avenging the death of their
>children, they achieve vengeance through the death of their children.

I remember at least one story where it transpired that Medea had been
framed for the deaths of her children by Jason, who had actually killed
them himself.

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