META: Wish Fulfillment, WCs, and Mary Sues

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> Which, of course, is why Wonder Woman was created, ie
> to provide a female empowerment fantasy for young girls.
> Problem is, the Wonder Woman's creator (Dr. William
> Moulton Marston) ignored the fact that women don't normally
> try to solve problems with their fists.  Wonder Woman's skimpy
> costume, of course, appealed to men, whereas male characters
> like Batman and Superman had full body costumes including
> capes.  The bracelets and lasso even suggested that the writer
> was symbolizing bondage with Wonder Woman using the
> symbols of slavery (the bracelets) against her oppressors and
> then tying them up and making them obey her commands (in
> this case, to tell the truth).  Rumour has it he even had his wife
> dress in a Wonder Woman costume.

Not his wife, try his mistress...and the two of them were into the whole 
bondage thing.

As for the lariat, he invented the Lie Detector (aka polygraph aka piece 
of junk that doesn't measure squat outside of skin conductivity...), and 
since this was such a marvellous (although flawed) creation, he gave a 
perfect version to WW.

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